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words don't wrap

  1. Hi--Sometimes my photos overlap the words in a blog post, so they can't be read. I don't see anything in the html version that would cause this. The current post is an example of this. (

    Any suggestions?


  2. That's because of the overlap of images. If you set a height and width border around each, enough so that they don't abut, it should clear up. Let me know if this helps.

  3. By looking at your page source, I could see that when the words do wrap is because the image tag is inside a separate <p> tag. In other words, the source looks like this:

    <p>text, blah blah blah</p>
    <p><img src="image.file"></p>
    <p>more text here</p>

    In your post above, the image tag is inside the same <p&#62 as your text is. It looks like this:

        <img src="image.file">
        more text here.......

    I'd suggest you to use the code view and take the image tag out of the p tag. Hopefully that'll fix your issue.

  4. I added a height and width border, and it shifted to show some more text, but there's still an overlap. I will try the next suggestion, too.


  5. Sigh. The other suggestion (the <p> tags) didn't work. Maybe I'm putting them in the wrong place?

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