Words Jumbled in the new DePo Masthead Theme

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    Everything looks OK, except for the archives section at the bottom. Why does it only display 6 categories? Thanks!


    Why do all the widgets a blogger has active not distribute over all three lower columns somehow? Everything goes into the right column.



    Noel has modified the theme so there are now 3 “sidebars” Left, Middle, and Right. There are also a couple of special widgets just for use on this theme.


    Great mtdewvirus, thanks a lot. It’s getting better and better.

    Now if the header section were a bit smaller, and didn’t take up quite so much window space. Title too big, too much white space between title and top nav, too much white space between title and top of theme. Oh, and the name at the top, too large.

    If I had the CSS upgrade I would whip something up for your guys to look at, but I don’t.



    I´ve lost the three post columns, now everything displays in just one, which is malaligned. It happened 1 hour after I activated the new theme, at the beginning everything worked fine. Guess it´s related to the final adjustments… Just reporting my issues, in case it helps somehow.


    @mario, go into design widgets, and there are now three sidebars as mtdewvirus explains. You might have to repopulate the three sidebars to get everything back.


    DePo does not appear to honor the more tag in the front page. If you have a post that you used the more tag in, it simply displays the entire post.

    Could you possibly rub it the right way and get it to honor the more tag?



    The Depo about widget won’t display,

    also it would be Ideal if there was a home button
    built into the theme so readers would have a easier
    navigation route because at first I didn’t know I had
    to click the header to see my 3 recent posts.



    Actually, it does respect the more tag, it’s just that it doesn’t show the “read more” link at the bottom of the post.


    @teck, the author title will take you back to the home page, but I doubt many people would think to click it. I agree, a home page link in the top navigation would be a good thing.



    Yes, I´ve seen the 3 widget sidebars and they´re all properly configured, thanks anyway. However, I was refering to the body of the blog, the three magazine-style colunmns have disappeared. When I firstly activated the theme it all worked fine, and then it suddenly changed. Hope I explained myself better this time, sorry about my last comment.

    Cheers, and thanks for your attention


    My test blog is still showing it correctly. Try clearing your browser cache and then force reloading the page.



    I don´t understand, I followed your advice in 4 different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE7) and nothing changed. I previously erased each browser´s cache, as you suggested. Any idea why is this happening? That theme rocks.


    Can I have a link to the blog? The one tied to your username isn’t using DePo.



    Sure, here you have:



    The About page displayed in the lower left changed. The space previously displayed the entire About page with correct text formatting. Now the space displays a small portion of text without spacing or formatting with a Continue Reading link.



    @tech07, @thesacredpath,
    Yesterday a theme option was added so that you can change the text used at the very top. Go to Themes-> DePo Options to see the setting.

    It should be resizing your images for the front page and it’s not. We’ll look into this.




    My third column has been skewed to the center and is displaying under column 2.

    Can you guys help to get this resolved?



    Your 2nd to latest post had some html div tags that were around the more tag, which causes problems. I fixed the post.


    @mario, by chance have you got a static page and different post page set under settings > reading?

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