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Words that don't exist but should (fun)

  1. I once found myself at loss for words and the following word was the only one that worked:


    It isn't a word, but should be. It just fits sometimes when "ridiculousness" doesn't have enough power.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Bizandom.

    Having been a student in Middlesbrough where things are always not quite right we came up with this merger of bizarre and random to describe many, many frequent sites and events (including but not limited to the literally-bearded lady, the violent lesbian dwarf and the stalking ponytailed guy with the roll of (probably fake) twenties).

  3. I can't come up with one at the moment, but this was too cute not to comment on:


    "It isn't a word, but should be. It just fits sometimes when "ridiculousness" doesn't have enough power. "

  4. Slowathon.

    To describe the feeling of sitting in traffic on the motorway for no apparant reason.

  5. Sibabilyboo....I pet name for my youngest sister when I looked after her when she was a baby. (She is 10 yrs. younger.) In place of calling a little baby, "little munchkin".

  6. Dingledodie.

  7. Sminter.

    I know it sounds really weird, but that's what my dad called my little sister when she was younger. Now I've picked up on the name and just call her 'Smint' endearingly. Yeah, I know I'm weird.

  8. Jonesification

    You know that old saying "Keeping up with the Joneses"? This works like that, except here you've already caught up with the Joneses and are in fact the ones people should be keeping up with.

  9. Luggidysquish

    It's like a squishy soft toy thing, only it's a little bit homicidal.

  10. @Anna Anna, Homicidal?? Never, lol

    Extremistly Wouldn't be bad

    To do so in an Extremist Fashion, lol

  11. invisiblemikey

    "Snididity" (snideness / equivalent to snarkiness)

  12. Lolness :) lol
    And Hamza cause it's my name so it should exist. :)

  13. Frankexterminator

    We need somebody to ice that guy because he never has anything productive to add to the conversation?.
    "Can I be Frank?"
    "Ummm, well hmm. ..what happens to YOU when Frank takes over?."
    "frittitittatfirtitittatffffffffffffffffffffffffit. I'll be back!"

  14. Spareme

    Might as well be one word, lol

  15. Stillparade

    "Now here's an exciting concept: the parade stays still and the crowd moves!"
    -Tom Servo on Swamp Diamonds.

  16. OK so I totally made franenterminator into a whole post you guys!!! :)

    Look! ANd you were all there too:

    (It only has like seven views now. sniff sniff)

  17. phoenixtearsheal

    @ tess - love the tell me what happens to you when frank takes over lol :D

  18. Nothing good, I bet. And speaking of nothing good...


    For when Blur from Transformers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer meet, they communicate in superlyfastwordsspeakinglikethisokay? No spacebars required.

  19. flalcohol

    For when you've drank too much alcohol on a Sunday afternoon and have the overwhelming desire to flail.

    'I'm being a flalcohol' etc.

  20. Ninjaneer

    A ninja engineer. Sounds pretty cool, right?

  21. Napjerk - that feeling of falling you get when taking a nap that causes you to jerk awake.

  22. BUMPERSHOOT! for umbrella!

  23. Poit:
    The sound made when a boob pops out of a tight fitting bra.

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