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Words toughing pictures

  1. Hi!

    Quick question about the pictures on my site...

    you'll notice that the words are bunched right up against the images that are alligned to the left. is there any way to create a little space between the image and text?

  2. oops! "touching"...not "toughing"

  3. I know how to get the words to go around the image...I just don't want them touching the image. How do I fix this?

  4. In this post I see 3 images.
    The first and last are very close to the text and the middle on is not. I would -> Manage -> Posts and locate the post and click "edit". Once in the editor I would switch to "code" and examine the differences between the codes of the first and last images and the middle one. Then I would make the appropriate code change required so all the images display like the middle one does.

    HTH :)

  5. That did the trick! Thanks so much for your help.

  6. YAY! It looks great now. I'm so happy this worked out for you.
    Happy blogging :)

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