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Work-around for Page Comments???

  1. So, I've read and found the answer to my question about comment capability on pages. Apparently that is theme dependant. Now I'm wondering if there might be a work-around to that without switching themes? I just settled on one I like and would rather not switch again right now.

    Anyway, what I want is a "What I'm Reading" page/post that will not get burried under future posts that people can comment on to give their opinions on books I have listed. Any suggestions on how this might be accomplished with a text widget, or some other idea?


  2. Best bet would be the theme you asked about in the other thread as it allows Pages to have comments. There is no method to edit themes here as we share them between all users. You could do this and pretty much anything else though with a copy of WordPress hosted in your own webspace though as you would have control over your own theme.

  3. Thanks again drmike!
    I was just putting feelers out for any creative ideas on using what is already available (widgets & whatnot) from folks with more knowhow than me.
    Now, off to do something more constructive with my time.
    :-) Melissa

  4. me too :-)

    this is just what i was looking for today as well - i just moved to 'neat' and really like it and would rather not have to change again - any one out there with ways to make a Page have a Comment option??

  5. ok - i worked out one way round the problem:

    i made a text widget and titled it 'any comments / questions'

    i made a new Post which i've just left in the default category: the post is called 'comments and questions' and i've written 'please leave you general comments / questions / suggestions here' and of course, becasue it is a Post it has a Comment box underneath.

    then: copy the web address of this new post as it appears live on the blog, and create a link to it in the text widget (you can write html in the text widget)

    any other suggestions more than welcome though cos this is ok for one or two text widgets down the side but doesn't solve the problem that in 'Neat' there is no option to leave comments on Pages (and i have lots of pages!!)

  6. If you're big on interacting wioth your readers, you could always sign up for a free forum over at ProBoards or somewhere like that.

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