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workaround for putting tagline in fresh bananas

  1. My blog is I'm using Fresh Banana's. Someone else posted a way to add a tag line without upgraing CSS, by putting this somewhere:

    <div style="[position you want for your tag line]">
    Your Tag Line Here!

    But they didn't say where it goes... or what you write in [position you want for your tag line] Any help would be appreciated. I don't mind even buying CSS upgrade, but I'm afraid I won't get how to do it.

  2. help?

  3. Whe we have answer we reply. When we don't have answer we don't reply. Those who post here are expected to wait until someone can help them and 8 minutes is not waiting very long now is it?

  4. This is going to take one of the CSS guru's or someone that knows more about code than most of us.

  5. I should add that it is usually later in the evening before the guru's show up.

  6. Edited version:
    When we have an answer we reply. When we don't have an answer we don't reply. Those who post here are expected to wait until someone can help them and 8 minutes is not waiting very long now is it?

    Here's the link to the code you posted
    You are mistaken. You do need the css upgrade to achieve inserting a tagline.

  7. @my22cents
    Sheesh ... please accept my humble apology for getting that wrong. My bad ... I'm sorry :(
    If you can indeed insert this code snippet without a css upgrade then I don't have a clue where you would insert it. It does not work in the title field (I tried). Like tsp says those with css editing skills who are willing to help don't show up every day and when they do it tends to be in the evening hours.
    Best wishes

  8. Pop a text widget in the top of your sidebar, and paste this code into it (don't give the widget a title):

    <div style="position:absolute;top:-20px;left:-510px;font:2em arial, sans-serif;color:#E5A1A1;">This is my tagline</div>

    You can see it in action here. You don't have to use that position, that font or those colours, just play around with those settings until you get something you like.

    By the way, the URL you supplied doesn't work, not even when I change it to

  9. I will now try to process your answers, but I must say... IT WASN'T EIGHT MINUTES!! It was several hours before I asked again! Jeez.

  10. and yes, it does work when you take out the www - sorry about leaving that in.

  11. It worked, NOT STAFF. you are brilliant!!! Timethief, I thank you as well, but please check the times of my first two posts. More than 12 hours apart! Is that long enough?

  12. While it is not polite to bump threads, I wouldn't worry about it.


  13. Not Staff, where would I find a nice little list of codes for fonts and colors? (sorry I didn't put all this in one post!)

  14. my22cents: she did apologise, you know...

  15. There is a nice set of colors for web development on the right hand side of the following!


  16. thank so much, trent. You guys are helping me so much. Can someone point me to the directions for replacing the name of a link (like changing it to "here" instead of seeing the link's address?

  17. You mean like the following?

    <a href="">here<a/>

    Not sure what you mean. Are you talking the permalinks on posts?


  18. If you scroll up to Not Staff's comment, he has highlighted the word "here" instead of showing me the link itself. So if I wanted to link to my IMDB page and have it just say "my IMDB page" where you click instead of http://www.imdbblahblabhalbh.

    Also, is it possible to add another item/link to the "About Me" widget?

  19. That code I gave you above works everywhere:

    <a href="http://www.imdbblahblabhalbh">my IMDB page</a>

    Example: my IMDB page

    As for the about me widget, I am not sure what you are talking about, but you can add a "text widget" and add whatever links you want in it (as long as it isn't against the terms of service!)


  20. sorry, I didn't explain. Under "About" I want more than one item. Is that possible? I think it would be in the same widget, not an additional one, right?

  21. Is a private blog because it just redirects me back to the homepage?


  22. and for some reason the code you gave me above for renaming the url link like "my imdb page" doesn't work. I see the whole address. I think I'm in over my head.

  23. I have another domain pointing at it. or maybe because it's private? try

  24. yikes, I can't find where to make it not private now.

  25. It depends on whether you are using the 'visual editor' when creating a post versus the 'code' tab. The code I gave is for the sidebar widgets. Here is the FAQ for using the adding links in a post:

    Here is the visual editor 'buttons' FAQ:


  26. Thanks, those will lead me to answers about the names of links, etc. But I think you can visit my blog now, and hopefully direct me to directions about adding another item in "About me". TIA.

  27. That might be a "theme related" widget and can't be updated. I would suggest replacing it with a text widget that has all the links and info you want myself.


  28. I see - yes, i guess it's a theme related widget. As for the link to "my IMDB page"... I'm having no luck at all. Might be time to give up and just have it say

  29. Hello again,
    To create an "About Me" text widget you follow the illustrated instructions found here and simply type your biographical information into it and save it.
    ->Presentation -> Widgets
    Scroll down the page to Text widgets "How many text widgets would you like?" and increase the number to create one.
    It will appear in your "Available Widgets" box.
    Drag it into the "Sidebar" box and click the blue and white icon to open it.
    Type in your "About Me" text.
    Close the text widget by clicking the X on the top right hand corner.
    Click "Save Changes".
    HTH :)

  30. This is the support forum. We provide support only to thos who have free hosted blogs. You have a site linked to your username that it not a blog. Are you sure that you have a free hosted blog?

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