Workaround to 3MB import?

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    Hi to all.

    Sorry, but my english it’s not so good.

    I’ve a WP installed on a hosting (standalone), but for too many reasons, I must migrate to (at least for a while).
    The glitch is that, in my actual site, the .XML that i have from the ‘export’ option, has 6 MB and i’ve just looked at and only accepts imports up to 3 MB.

    There is any workaround to this?

    Besides, in the WP standalone, i’ve an import option up to 8 MB. So far, so good, but what’ll be happening when my XML reach that size?

    I think that has to be some kind of solution… right?



    Have you checked that you have not exported any spam comments?
    Have you tried doing the import?
    The only workround is to split that file into smaller pieces but if you can’t do that I can help with it.



    Hi Mark, thanks for the answer.

    Yes, not any spam comments are exported.
    When i tried to do the import, simply gives a time out (when i measured the uploaded MB, it shows around the 3 MB, the limit for the file). Some post pass through, but not all.

    I can split the file, i think i can do it. But I must ‘cut’ in special places into that file or i can split anywhere (I don’t have many skills with programming or code).

    Thanks again!



    Split it at the end of an </item> tag. But you’ll have to take the first part of the file – everything leading up to the first <item> – and add it to the front of each part.

    Before you try splitting it, try importing the complete file. It will probably stop part way through. Then try it again. It should skip the already completed portion and pick up where it left off. That might not work, but it’s worth a try.



    Hi, TW:
    the second solution i’ve already tried it, but doesn’t work (in fact, in one of that importings, all site scrumbled up and shows unreadable text).

    Thanks for the first answer, I’ll try it ASAP.

    Theoretically speaking: the first part that I must add in every file (before <item>), should be in the site already if you import the first one, right? I read that part and includes site name, description and so, but the site already have that. Can be overrided? Or it’s the identification to be recognized as WordPress XML?

    Thanks for the tips, i’ll try it to see if it works. Thus, I think it’s a ‘must be’ feature to the future: the blogs are growing faster and larger and anyone can easily bump out with this limit.


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