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    I created in 2005 and nearly 6 years later I am running into a big problem.

    1. When I first created the blog, there wasn’t an image widget feature on with which you could add pictures and links (like the twitter badge on the right)
    2. Then I found a workaround whereby I was creating a text widget and included some html in it and it worked. On you will find that on the “visionarymarketing” logo, the “blog badge of honor” (now a broken link) and the British blogs badge. all three incriminated widgest are located on the right hand-side, between “blog archives” and “blogroll”
    3. When the badge of honor website disappeared, I realised that you could no longer edit nor even delete these old widgets

    So here is my question : how can I edit or delete these old widgets (which no longer show in the widget list on the widget maintenance menu) and replace them with new “image and link” widgets.

    PS: I have already tried rolling back to the old template I was using at the time but it didn’t work.

    I am a big fan of, thanks to all of the community for making it possible for us to share information and knowledge and exchange views. What you are doing is just fantastic! Thanks in anticipation for your kind help with my problem

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. When you go to Appearance > Widgets, do you not see the widget in question appearing on the sidebar, with a small triangle to click to edit the contents?



    Can’t you simply drag the widget into the inactive widgets area? Do you mean that the widgets appear on your blog but they don’t appear in the list of active widgets? They are probably labled “text widget.”

    Sorry to ask such elementary questions, but I’m trying to visualise your problem, and I’m surprised that you can see widgets on your blog that aren’t in your widget page.


    @airodyssey @mmadfan
    Thanks both for your kind answers.
    In order to make my issue easier for you to visualise and understand, I have made a screen dump available at display screen dump .
    As you will see from that screen copy, the incriminated widget do not appear anymore.
    Hence the impossibility to either suppress or edit them.
    B rgds.



    I think those links might be a category in your Blogroll.

    Try moving the Links widget to the inactive section in the widgets page and see if they disappear. If they do, you know then you need to modify your blogroll.


    @justjennifer Well done ! I found two orphan categories in my blogroll and when I deleted them both, all broken links disappeared. I will now be able to correct the links and install the right ones.
    Very grateful to you Jennifer, this is just great!
    Kind regards

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