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    Hello I am a intermediate wordpress developer in Nepal. In Nepal there are no any proper place or institution where I can learn about wordpress. So I started using wordpress my self at age of 13 and now I am 14. I just want a help from wordpress that if they could describe me how wordpress changing theme function actually work and how wordpress realizes which theme to use.

    The blog I need help with is




    how wordpress changing theme function actually work

    Have you seen the Themes support page? Instructions on how to search for, preview, activate a theme, as well as how to switch from one theme to another, are included there.

    how wordpress realizes which theme to use

    The various filters, under the feature, layout, column, subject, and style categories, which are described and illustrated in the Search for a Theme section of the Themes support page, are helpful aids in limiting the choices to those most suitable for the type of site that you envision.


    I want to know the background procesing. I know to activate themes. But I want to know what actually happens when we change the theme. Where is the data of which theme to be used is stored.


    Where is the data of which theme to be used is stored.

    Hi there,

    WordPress stores information about which theme is being used in the wp_options table in the database under template and stylesheet.

    If you have developer related questions, they might be more suited to the support forums for the self-hosted version of WordPress at

    The forum you’ve posted this thread in only provides support for the hosted service, it’s not really intended to provide support for developer type questions about the software.

    If you want to play around with WordPress and see its inner workings, I’d recommend installing it locally on your computer

    You can then edit the database of a local/test site to see how things work. It’s not possible to directly see or edit the database of sites hosted here at

    I hope this points you in the right direction :)

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