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Working on a FAQ for the forums

  1. @raincoaster - this thread is a year old ;-)

  2. It was there before. Some of us old geezers remember.

    Actually, if they're finding it now that should mean they already know HOW to search the forums...leading me to think I shouldn't waste my time here, nor should you.

  3. I'm encouraged to know that some bloggers use the available tools found in the forum search box :)

    (1) Welcome to - Beginner Resources

    (2) Customizing themes - three options at wordpress

    (3) Communicating with staff - feedback button use and emailing wordpress staff for support

    (4) Understanding the relationship between blogrolls, links and categories

    (5) crediting individual authors in a group blog

    (6) avatars

  4. (6) edit avatars thread above - this is a better one

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