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    Hello. This is a new theme for me, and I’m digging it. I use it to display images of art projects. I have rather large images from bulletin board displays that I do. The program appears to keep the image small in a post and in the thumb/pin style display on the home page. But if you click on the image in either the post on the thumb on the home or category page, it goes to an image that takes up a whole screen. I like that. But how does it do this?

    I’m asking because I would like to fix the width or height of other images in a post to match the large image and have the same capability of having the secondary image expand. For example, on this post:

    The second flag displays 143×300, and the close in on Uncle Sam is the same height (143) on the post. But it doesn’t enlarge when you click on it, because I shrunk it down (couldn’t figure out how to make it display 124×143 and then enlarge when you click on it).

    So I’m working on another post:

    I would like the second image (checkerboard pumkins) to display as the default 143×300 but the second images (pos/neg pumpkins) to display 71×143, but then expand to a larger size when you click on it.

    I’ve tried tweaking the code from source, from what I can figure out, but am failing. When you click on the image, it makes it <i>smaller</i> than it’s displayed in the post. Argh. Any help in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    It looks to me like you’ve completely thrown out using Visual’s “featured image” in favor of inserting images in the post which are linked to their media file when clicked on.

    The first place for information on working with a theme can be found in its Theme Showcase page:

    You should also read the link about using featured images in your posts:

    Lastly, have a look at these resources on inserting images and their link options: and



    Thanks for compiling all the links, Jennifer.

    I didn’t choose one way of inserting images over any other. I’m just inserting images the way I’ve always done. I’ve only recently found out about the featured post option. Not sure I’ll use that, as many posts will have more than one image, and I’ll mostly likely feature different images of the same post depending on where I share the post.

    I’ll look into trying to make an image a “featured image” and see if that helps explain things.

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