World map on wordpress analytics?

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    Hey guys, i’m really new to wordpress, and learned pretty fast that google analytics doesn’t work with it. I was previously a google sites user, and used analytics for over a year, but now that i shut down that domain and moved here, i can’t use it. but to get to the point, i really loved the whole world map thing and seeing what countries my hits came from, and i was wondering, is there a way i can do that with wordpress analytics? Please help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Not with WordPress.COM stats – but Cluster Maps will give dots from around the world – I use it on my site. There are I think other ways to get the dots but I have not looked at them. You will need the plain html version of the code,


    How can i use cluster maps?
    Haven’t ever seen them. also, if its a plugin, its a no go, because i have no idea how to do the famous 5 hour installation of



    You get some html code that is put in a Text Widget – that is for the blog linked to your name that is hosted here at WordPress.COM – I use Cluster Maps with the site linked to my name –

    no Plug-ins are allowed here.



    Five hour installation? Whoever you’re talking to is perhaps five years behind the times.


    Thank you.



    Who said five hours? It’s five minutes actually.

    (And I tried it once… It was actually 43 seconds in my case! LOL)



    My original site was a .ORG install that I did 3 years+ ago I think – took a bit of time but not much over 5 min and that was back when things were tougher – .ORG has came a long way in the last two years or so with the install and the upgrade process.

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