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    a newb to WP but I will make the following observation….

    there is a class of WP users that seems completely ignored from a usability standpoint: commenters….

    for example, I am a profootballtalk.com member / user…. that site is a very active blog with intense viewer comment activity and the only reason I have a WP ID is to comment there.

    as a user, the intuitiveness and function of the WP overlay bar / platform and gateway is terrible… eg:
    – comments to the blog are frequently lost, take long periods to post (outside of the usual blog owner approval process) etc.
    – while in a blog, if a user clicks on theirID in the gray toolbar overlay at the top of their browser window, they end up at http://wordpress.com/#!/settings/
    http://wordpress.com/#!/settings/ does not allow them to do simple things like see “my comments”, or see their personal profile to edit,
    – the “notifications” link returns you to the http://wordpress.com/#!/settings/ page without error message and leaves you with nothing to manage your subscriptions…

    sure, a capable user can get around this by searching the database until they are lucky to find a post that gives the address / link to ‘my comments’…. but 9 of 10 article references to my comments dont show it’s location, they ust say in ‘my settings’ which you’ve never seen if you are a commenter and click on the WP bar

    in short, from a non author perspective, it is a onerous task to use WP and gives a terrible impression of WP usability for people who might be inclined to start their own blogs

    there are two ways to do this of course…
    1- make commenters a entirely different class of user that registers for an ID to make comments ala every other comment system out there (large task / unattractive solution)
    2- modify http://wordpress.com/#!/settings/ so the notifications tab works correctly and add ‘profile’ and ‘my comments’ and whatever else you can think of tabs so people can view and manage their accounts (easy fast solution)




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