Worried About Possible Hack

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    I just saw a referral to my blog that looks like this:…

    I researched the IP and it is the generic address for a Cisco router. I don’t own a Cisco router. I was also logged in all night. Any idea why this link would have shown up as a referral to my blog?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is unnecessarywisdom.wordpress.com.



    I doubt it was a hack. More than likely the router is in some company and someone is looking at the access logs and clicking links to see what employees had been viewing in work time!


    Okay. I was worried about the “login” portion of the link since it was definitely not me. I have not been logging in from anywhere but my own devices.

    Thank you!



    That is the login page from the router. I don’t know about Cisco but some keep the same URL for the admin functions.


    I believe you. I trust that you know much more about this than I do.

    Thanks again for your very prompt response. Have a wonderful day :)

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