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    Halo I have a problem with my blog http://www.robimichel.com

    I have a Video in my sidebar. It is pretty much the most important thing of my blog, so it has to be in highest quality possible.

    I have uploaded it with full Hd 1920/1080 mp4 format. And on my host (vimeo) the video does look great, but in my sidebar it looks horrible it’s all blurry. It is too small, because when I zoom to the Video (strg+scroll) than the video becomes sharper and better as bigger it gets.

    it is a problem with pixel density i guess. Do you know, how I can have the video also in it’s normal size (so pretty small) in the best and highest quality? It is very important, that this video has this good quality.

    Should I upload it with less pixels to my host? Are there like to many pixless of the video? or is it a problem of the pixel density of my blog?

    Is there a chance, that my video looks 100% sharp and HD with the size it has right now in the sidebar? Ond if it is, how can I get this quality?

    Thank you so much for your help



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