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Worth upgrading?

  1. I'm totally new to wordpress but I really like it so far. Check out my blog on food and design at

    Question it worth upgrading? I realized that I can't do as much customizing as I'd like, so if I upgrade I can access the coding and edit things right? I'm not so html savvy, but when there's an add on that requires copying and pasting, that I can do.

    Is that what I need to do if I want options like that?

    Thanks for the help.

  2. (1) Upgrading for css customization is not recommended for those who have no previous knowledge of and experience with css. There is no staff support to work through it. You're on your own although there are fellow bloggers who will help if and when they have time.
    (2) Css upgrading does not allow you to edit the code in your underlying template and change functionality it's for changing appearance only. is a multi-user blogging platform and if you could change your underlying code then all blogs with the same theme would be likewise effected.
    (3) This thread describes everything you need to know about the 2 options for personalizing your theme at or having complete control over your template by downloading a blog from
    (4) The policies and services of and are different and the two run on different software. Basically if you want total control of your own template and want to have advertising on your blog then it's that you're aimed for and not here. is for non-commercial blogs. And the difference between the two are described here

  3. There is a lot you can do with CSS, but it is not for the impatient. Also, you might become obsessed with it like me. :D

    But I say go for it. We can have a contest to see whose hair falls out the fastest!

  4. Well I'm not looking to make money off of this site, so I think I'm at the right place. I'm not looking to alter templates or anything, just add some nifty features.

    And I don't want to change anything within the template, but for example, if I wanted to add a media player from a site that offers some code to do so, I want it to stay somewhere permanent, like on the side bar, or at the top or bottom of the page. Is that possible? Or is that what the coding part is for?

    I'm with Brent, but I think I already won...I've been going with the shaved head look for a while now!

  5. doesn't allow you to play with the code at all (other than widgets that already exist) on the service. They do this to control security and you can't put custom code, plugins, javascript, etc. For a list of things that can be put in your blog, go over to and click on the tag for 'widget' and that shows you what they have.

    There is a music player for those that upgrade space, but you will find that over at the FAQ as well!


  6. Timethief,

    You are the resource expert! Great stuff!


  7. It really depends on what you see when you look at your site. If you find yourself wanting to change a lot of things, I'll say go ahead and upgrade. if you think things are fine, I'd skip it.

    It's really a personal choice.

    As to the coping and pasting, please remember that that's not what the upgrade will allow you to do. Modifying your CSS is making changes to a file within your blog. You may even want to pull up your blog's CSS file and take a look at it. You should see the link when you look at your page source.

    Hope this helps,

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