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Would anyone like to be discussion buddies?

  1. I just launched a website domain about answering the "Why's" of life and was wondering if anyone is already doing this sort of thing and would be willing to subscribe and i'll subscribe back for some good discussions.

    I'm new to the forums as well so I apologize if I did not post this in the right forum.



  2. Well if you put the thread here I think you got the right spot for the topic.

    I don't write about the mentioned topic, so I don't think I'd be a valuable discussion partner but I will check out your blog.

  3. crashcourseinself

    What is the link to your blog? I only write about the 'whys' of my own life but happy to swing by and check out yours. :)

  4. @kiwikar
    awesome. =) i have a link in showcase as well, but you know. thanks for checking it out regardless! I'll return the favour as well.

    it's . =) oh that sounds like stuff i'll be doing as well. sounds good! i'll be happy to subscribe to yours.

  5. @crashcourseinself
    Click the username and you will find the blog. Click your own username and you will find your blog. :)

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