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Would like blog to enable japanese kanji/katakana

  1. My blog comes up goofy not displaying the kanji added how do I get the kanji to add into my article ?(ashi 芦ノ湖
    Blog url:

  2. We can only set one interface language for our blogs here > Settings > General.

  3. Really the reason why I chose this blog was because of another blogger and he uses kanji and katakana with english ?

  4. I flagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please be patient while waiting.

  5. just thought:
    1. different themes uses different fonts, maybe fonts which is used in your theme don't support all needed letters, if you choose theme "chateau" problem remains?
    2. maybe you use wrong encoding?(in browser/keyboard settings, copy text from that blog in which text is shown and paste to your blog)

  6. tested, copied text from and created post with that text and everything looks same like in wikipedia, all symbols are shown...(of course maybe it's wrong kanji, who knows i don't speak japan)

  7. The method of copying kanji and katakana works. I also neither write nor speak Japanese, but writing about Japanese food sometimes requires a word or two to help folks identify an ingredient.

  8. The translations forum is intended for those people who work on translating themes to languages other than English. For example: menu titles, widget titles, other text associated with a theme.

    So I'll move this topic to the Support forum.

  9. Still waiting on an answer.. I have another article to post but will be very disappointed if I can't add the kanji which has life to the article .
    Do I just need to cancel leave and find a better blog... again the guy that writes henka as mentioned above uses kanji..

  10. Kanji and kana should be displaying properly on your theme. I've also tried copying and pasting some text and it works.
    I can see on your blog you've put ・o・・・・・X ・|・C・・・g under a style tag as span style="font-family:MS Mincho;" lang="JA"
    How exactly are you inserting the japanese on your post?
    Try this: simply copy this -> 侍の魂, Add a New Post, paste what you just copied, Save Draft and click Preview. Is it displaying properly now?

  11. I am writing the article in wordpad then copy paste here.. It transfers to my facebook great but it comes up here as you see.

    ・o・・・・・X ・|・C・・・g

    What do you mean by the lower statement?
    under a style tag as
    span style="font-family:MS Mincho;" lang="JA"

    I copied and pasted what you had and it came up fine

  12. I am using an online tranlating program and when the article is done and kanji or katakana is in my wordpad I copy paste and it comes up with ... ??? and junk.

  13. What do you mean by the lower statement?

    I was wondering how that style tag appeared: you don't need it for japanese being displayed. Seems it came from Wordpad.
    If it's just when you paste it here that things get unformatted, try pasting it as plain text and see if the problem persists: Edit Post -> click on the "Paste Plain text" button on the Visual Editor- > CTRL+V and "Insert".

    P.S: I gave Wordpad a try: copy and paste on post works fine for me (it seems to be pasting as plain text too).

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