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    Hi all. I recently made a theme switch because I was in need of a fresh look. After much debating I decided that the Garland theme was the one that I would like to use. I like the theme so much more than my previous one, but I have one issue. In my previous theme, Andreas09, Replies directly to the main article were assigned a number. The replies to those comments, the threading did not receive a number. This worked really well at the site. With sometimes 300 or more comments a day, it really helped to follow discussions. The readers there learned to reference comment numbers or when the threading became to thin to read they could type “continued as a new comment thread at #48”.

    The switch of themes to Garland has eliminated that numbering feature. I have purchased the CSS upgrade so it is possible to alter the CSS code, although if I have to do so I would need detailed instructions as I am no CSS veteran. So my question is whether there is a way to add numbers to my comments in the same way that Andreas09 did? You can view my blog here:


    Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide me some direction.

    The blog I need help with is standupforamerica.wordpress.com.



    This isn’t something CSS editing can change, as far as I know. It’s in the way the theme itself functions.


    /nod to @raincoaster

    You cannot add or change functionality through CSS. CSS is a styling document. It is used to style elements in the markup (XHTML).

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