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Would like higher PageRank

  1. My blog currently has a PageRank of 6. Any ideas on how to make that better?

  2. You're complaining about a 6? A 6 I've been told is extremely hard to get. I have a six too and I don't know how I did it since I don't get the traffic that the other top entertainment sites do. The highest at WordPress I heard is Scobleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger and I think he has an 8. I'm hoping for an 8 because I don't think the other entertainment sites have an 8. The highest I've noticed is Perez and he also has a 6.

  3. I'd cook the Google Staff dinner for a month for a PR6. :)

    Highest I have is a PR5 on a site of mine. I host a PR7 on two of my boxes but they have something like a 120k inbounds. (ie It's a webcomic)

    edit: I don't think you're going to get much higher as only has a PR7. I remember something about a subdomain can't be higher than the main domain. It's been a while since I read the papers on this stuff.

    reedit: Hey can you link to me? I linked to you. :)

  4. Sure! I didn't mean to sound ungrateful for my PageRank, just wondering how I could improve it :)

  5. Easiest method is via links. I post in a fair number of forums and include a link in my sig. (ie example)

    Helping out here with answering questions will help as well. I got my PR5 with just posting here and answering questions. No other links had dropped in yet. Not telling you to do that but just a suggestion. :)

    You could also post comments at other blogs. Overdoing of course is spamming and Google doesn't follow links tagged "nofollow" which most links within comments are tagged with but Yahoo and MSN ignore it.

    Hope this helps,

  6. Is IMDB a good source of adding my site link to my signature? I already have it there on my profile page.

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