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Would like to have all topics listed on one single page

  1. Greetings. I am looking for a way to create a page that lists out all topics (tags) on one page. Basically, I want a true topic index for my site that lists out all the various topics and how many associated posts there are with each topic.


    Topic1 (5) Topic4 (3)
    Topic2 (2) Topic5 (9)
    Topic3 (11) Topic6 (1)

    I don't know the best way to accomplish this, or even where to start. Any ideas to get me pointed in the right direction (or an existing solution) would be most helpful.


  2. You can do this with the categories widget in a sidebar. There is a checkbox to make it display the post count as well as the categories themselves. Apart from that I think you'd have to type it all out by hand and keep it updated manually each time you add a new post.

  3. Hello! Maybe, this could help you

  4. Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately neither of these responses address my issue.

    I'd like to create a "page" that lists all my tags (topics) out. I do realize I could do this in a sidebar, but that's not what I want.

    Also, the archive shortcode is helpful, but doesn't display tags.

    Any other suggestions?

  5. Unfortunately, there is no shortcode for tags. You may try contacting [] for this suggestion. Try the "Journalist v1.9" theme and create a page using the "Archive" template. You will see the "tags" in a "cloud form".

  6. G'evening,
    We have categories and we have tags. You are referring to the latter and that Tag Cloud widget will display only 45 of the most used tags. There is no automatic way to craete a page with all tags on it. You can creat a page manually and then copy and paste the data on to it.

    Here is where your tags are located in your dashboard:
    Here are instructions for creating a page:

  7. @smunga: The blog linked to your username has no posts and no tags or categories. If you're talking about another blog, we need the link to it.

  8. My bad. I realize now that I'm posting in the forums, and not forums. I realize this won't work on because it's a custom request. I'll post the same request over there. Sorry for not noticing this sooner.

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