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    How can I get the header image above the menu options using the “Tortuga” theme. I’ll send a screenshot. I’d also like the header to decrease a bit in height as it’s a little too big/overbearing. Is that possible? I upgraded to the business plan and and paid almost $400 to wordpress and they only told me to come here. Hopefully, a generous soul wanders through these forums!

    The blog I need help with is futurefreedomclub.org.



    Hi futurefreedomclub,

    You site is not hosted here at WordPress.COM. You site is self-hosted, so in the future, you should post queries at https://wordpress.org/support/

    Information about the differences can be found here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    However, I will give you a bit of info on your questions:
    I think you will need to edit your html or Header.PHP file to re-arrange the header and menu positions. This is not easily done via CSS.



    Hi there @futurefreedomclub,

    You can check out the Tortuga theme forum for a lot of custom questions pertaining to it – the link is here:


    I went through it looking for something akin to what you are asking and found this post:


    It might not meet it exactly but it was pretty close. If you need anything else let us know, and good luck! :)


    Hello @futurefreedomclub,

    After doing a whois search on your site futurefreedomclub.org I can see that you are in fact hosted here on WordPress.com. Also, as a business plan owner, you have direct private support available to you from the Happiness Engineers, here: https://wordpress.com/help/contact . Please note that this week chat support is only available at certain times, and email responses may be slower than usual, as the company is away for a meeting (you will see this message when you open the link I provided).

    Hope the HE staff are able to help you with your questions :)


    I will however tag this thread with modlook incase you are unable to access direct support.


    Hi @futurefreedomclub, on many themes, we can use CSS to do this, but with the way that Tortunga’s HTML is structured, it is quite difficult to do what you are asking. In addition, although the code that has to be used for this works in the majority of modern browsers, with Internet Explorer, it only works on version 10 and later, and of course it works with the Edge browser.

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