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Would like to see Comments after each post

  1. mrstringer2012

    I mean, on the whole site as one opens it up - not only after each post when you go to it separately.
    Can't find how to do this: can anyone help, please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't do this on a blog at all.

  3. mrstringer2012

    Why am I not surprised ...? :-\
    Thanks very much, anyway.

  4. mrstringer2012

    May I trouble you further? - that is, if you're still getting email about this... Is it possible to truncate a post and have it say at the bottom "read more" or such?

  5. Yes, you can easily add a more tag to posts.
    Here is the Support document about how:

  6. And if you want to have comments on your front page then you can copy/paste them to the end of your posts. Or when your blog is older, you could put just your favs at the end of posts. Not automatic, but do-able.

    Why am I not surprised ...? :-\

    But you'll see that won't really matter as you blog longer…

  7. mrstringer2012

    I'm sure you're right, 1tess: having only had a blog running for a week, there are probably a squillion things I'm doing wrong/inadequately, and will learn ...
    Many thanks!

  8. the advanced excerpt plugin will put a link at the end of every post to comment

    under settings i centered the text and dropped it down a paragraph
    by typing <p><center> under elipses

    then under read more you can make it say whatever you want

    view at

  9. LOL, after 5 years there are things I don't "get."

    One tip, if you don't mind,

    is that when you write a recipe post you should describe it (ingredients, cooking techniques) then tell readers that the recipe is available on your blog as a download pdf.

    Me: I'd rather not download a recipe unless I really want to use it. IMO it would be better to post the recipes and then offer a pdf to download.

    If you don't want more text on the posts with recipes, then consider directing readers to "page 2" where they could look at it then decide to download a pdf.

    Here is how to do pagination:

    And so ends my IMO opinion/advise…
    happy blogging.

  10. @posthawk
    I'm sorry, but your advise does not apply here.
    You say:

    the advanced excerpt plugin

    which we on WordPress.COM cannot use. It seems you have a self-hosted wp.ORG site. You are giving advice we here cannot use.

    Did you know there are different kinds of wordpress? Please read about the very significant differences:

  11. mrstringer2012

    Hold the phone, 1tess! - now I'm confused ...
    Isn't that exactly what I've done? - written a bit about it, and provided it as a .pdf for download?
    What am I missing? - what I'd LIKE to be missing are these senior moments ... :-\

  12. i was unaware and thank you.

    i'm not sure if things are the same then in posts but you could type

    click here to comment text

    at the bottom of every post.

    hopefully this erases my previous mistake, and thank you for the info

  13. dang it

    a title="text when hovered over" href="">click here to comment text</a

    put <at the beining

    and > at the end

  14. mrstringer2012

    posthawk, you make me laugh! :-)
    But I believe I'll leave this whole topic alone, and wait till the blog is ... erhmm ... old enough - with luck, never as old as its author - for a whole raft of things to be changed.
    Then again, what am I saying? - I'll be moving it to one of my own domains, ere long.

  15. i believe tess was saying provide 2 options. a download and the basic text of the recipe in the post.

  16. mrstringer2012

    Oh, surely not?! - that'd just be tons of extra text.
    Wouldn't it?
    No, I really am confused.

  17. Yes, that is what I was saying: two choices for your readers.

    But it's a copy paste matter so not a lot of work. Keep in mind, it is only my opinion. I hate hate hate finding a link that downloads something to my computer before I can see what the heck it is. Better to post the recipe (SEO for you) then add the pdf download as a bonus if folks want it. Again, I'm only a volunteer and this is my personal opinion. Sorry if I confused you.

  18. @posthawk
    to publish code here use the "code" button above the comment box (highlight to select—>code button) or put code between backticks (on the same key as ~ tilde next to 1 ! key top left— ` code backtick)

  19. mrstringer2012

    OK, I can relate to someone's not liking to download unseen material. But my link opens the recipe as a .pdf, and you choose to download it or not to!
    Are you telling me that that's NOT what happens when you click on the photograph? - I'd really really like to know, please, 1tess: because on my own browser it works just fine.

  20. In Firefox it just gave me the chance to download or not: no preview.

  21. mrstringer2012

    Well, dang my hide! - that's another reason I won't be using Firefox. Imagine cutting out the .pdf preview!
    In Chrome and in I.E. there's no problem.
    I believe I'll have a bit of a brief whinge about Firefox ...
    Thanks, 1tess!

  22. My opinion was not related to whether you use Firefox or not (it is recommended by but about your not offering a choice. IMO the pdf is something a reader could choose to save, but a casual or random reader of your blog would just want to see it without clicking around. Still my opinion, but what is wrong with including the recipes (specific information) in your posts? More information=SEO for you…

  23. Ignore Posthawk.

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