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    Hi folks, I’m starting a blog for a community radio station that I work for – http://kiliradio.org I want to let folks tell us where there are in the world, listening to KILI. And I would love to have all the comments visible.

    I looked in the FAQ, and it suggested that I go to “Options – reading screen” But I couldn’t find a *reading screen* option there. I suspect that I just didn’t really know where to go? I started at my dashboard – then options. Is that right?

    Milt Lee


    Yes, go to “Options,” then, just below, the third option from the left will be “reading.”

    I’m not sure, though, that what is there addresses what you want to do. Maybe it does in that it allows you to select a particular page as your front page. Not sure if you can make comments visible without clicking on the title or the comments link though.

    Of course the above only applies if your blog is hosted on wordpress.com Could you provide a link to your blog? That would help to see what’s going on.



    /nod to growthmadness

    Comments are visible to blog administrators. Go to =>Dashboard =>Comments to find them. Suffice to say that most blogs are not designed to have all comments immediately visible to readers. Unless the reader exercises the option of clicking on “comments” they cannot read them. If commenets were all visible without the reader exercising the option to view them then, the front pages of blogs would be miles long and the loading time would be hours long.

    Your username is attached to a commercial site that is not hosted by wordpress. The link you give above is to a commercial site that is not hosted by wordpress.
    If you have a blog template downloaded from wordpress.org then please note that wordpress.org and wordpress.com are very different. They have different services and different policies and run on different software.
    This is the support forum for those with blogs hosted by wordpress.com. If your question applies to a wordpress.org blog then you need to go here for support http://wordpress.org :)



    Ah yes, I see the problem. No, I’m not actually asking about that website. The site that I’m asking about is http://kililisteners.wordpress.com. My plan is to use the kililisteners.wordpress.com blog site to let listeners write little notes about where they are listening to the the radio station. ( that’s the other link I posted.)

    So I hope that straightens that out. What I’m thinking is that I should probably just let the latest 10 or 15 posts be visible, and that would take care of it.

    Thanks folks,
    Milt Lee



    The link you gave above does not go to your blog because you included a period after the url http://kililisteners.wordpress.com however, I found the blog. I want you to notice that on your blog you must click on “1 comment” in order for the comment to become visible. That is the way the theme Sunburn is designed to perform. You cannot change the way comments are displayed but you can choose how many posts to show on your front page.

    You can set how many posts will be displayed on your front page here => Dashboard => Options => Reading
    look for Blog Pages
    Show at most: ___posts
    after your have inserted the number click “Update Options” to save.



    OK Thanks, now I see that it says that my first post is private. Could you tell me why? It doesn’t

    I appreciate your help very much.



    You can set the degree of privacy for posts two ways. One is under your Dashboard –> Options –> Reading and the other is on the Write (or Edit) page, there’s a column off to the right of blue boxes. One of those is Privacy and sometimes it gets set to make posts private when that’s not intended.

    Check both of those possibilities and make sure your posts are set to be public. Send a feedback if it wasn’t something you did; there is sometimes an error when it sets to Private automatically, and nobody knows what causes it.

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