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Would somebody please answer this question?

  1. I've asked this question like 3 times but nobody ever gives me the correct answer! Does anybody know how to change the cursor using css?

  2. remember that there is no official CSS forum here, and few of us know CSS so it would take longer. Until someone else helps you then you can search the forums or google for you answer or experiment with trail and error with your CSS. And, for future notice being rude to forum volunteer, which I have noticed definitely wont get you help.

  3. I don't think wordpress supports cursor changes. The only one that would know is devblog or staff.

  4. Google is your friend.

    a { cursor: crosshair; }

    works for me.

  5. Someone answered that question twice yesterday. Please either do a forum search or simply page back in the CSS forum until you find it.

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