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Would you do this page differently?

  1. Not sure if I'm thrilled with the large block of photos in my post. I guess I'm thinking more down the line when I'll have 300 photos to display, not just 90 like this page. If it was your page would you have used a different method to present photos?
    Here is the page on my blog:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. WOW that's a lot of photos to display and scroll through but since I'm not an avid bike rider it wouldn't hold my attention however I think your readers would. The ninety I think is fine, I don't know about how 300 would go though. I was thinking it was going to load slow but it didn't, it showed right up. How are YOU feeling about it now though?

  3. If it was my page I would put the photos into a slide show format using a 3rd party site that works with here is Documentation for slide shows.

  4. I like the slideshow idea as there are so many that viewing them as they are presented now is overwhelming.

  5. Hey I never even thought about the slideshow. Great idea you guys!

  6. What I did really like is a slide show to take the place of my main image my home page. I did like it to be exactly the same size and the WP supported slides are too small :(

  7. @motorambler

    If it were me, the first thing that comes to mind is that I would give meaningful titles to each of those pictures.

    I have no interest about your topic, but it could be interesting if when I hover over the images, the titles would relate to the images: numbers don't do much to describe.

    Also, I would try to organize the huge number of photos into groups.

    For example, (me not knowing any thing about your topic so you could come up with better categories, but me:) I would choose say 6 or 7 sort of categories: Red bikes, Green bikes, yellow bikes, blue bikes, pictures of people, and so one.

    So then I'd choose one best photo to represent each group. That pic would link to the other photos using pagination which is different from the read-more tag.

    You could use windows live writer (I'm a mac person, but it sounds from other volunteers here that wlw can do all sorts of magic) to make tables instead of sing the undeveloped gallery "feature".

    Or you could make draft posts for each of your groups to attach your relevant pictures to each then use the gallery "feature" to put your pics on the different "pagination" pages.

    Perhaps I'm not describing what I mean very well.

    But that mass of pictures with no titles or explanations is absolutely useless to allow anyone to know what you are showing. It is difficult to look at. It is almost impossible to distinguish one image from the next and to understand what they are about.

  8. Thanks again for the input, everyone -- much appreciated. I will take a look at the slideshow options when I return home. Is one (Slide, RockYou, or SlideShare) preferred over the others?

  9. I'd say (having tested them on my test blog many times but only once on my real blog) that they all work well. The formats each offers differ and if you like one better than the other, use that.

    [sorry if I sounded too critical. I only meant to help, but I now see you posted in another thread and don't want to "name" your pictures.

    even if you go with the slideshow method, you should still consider choosing only a few pictures for each slide show. I love Japanese food for example but I'd never look through even 30 pictures of the same thing over and over…
    just my opinion:
    you did ask!]

  10. Thanks, Tess. Here's a thought: looking at the page in question, would it be a better not to upload all images to wordpress? The idea would be to insert 2 or 3 photos (instead of all the images) & then simply end my post with "...more photos here" & then link to my Google gallery?

    For example:

    Good idea? Bad idea?

  11. @motoramble Yeah that sounds like a good idea too with the Google Gallery for the rest of the photos.

  12. @Tess

    but I now see you posted in another thread and don't want to "name" your pictures.

    I can see the point in not naming that many photos

    @motoramble not naming your photos could hurt you in the long run because search engines index photos like once every six months and when those photos get indexed from your blog and you don't have a name for the photo then your missing out on readers finding your posts when they input key words into a image search. and say one or more of your photos fit the key description but because you didn't name the photo the search engine won't even bother to display your images on the 1st too 3rd page result.

  13. @motorambler
    I think that I would have a series of draft posts. In them sort of groups or categories like a post for each of these:
    "Red bikes, Green bikes, yellow bikes, blue bikes, pictures of people, and so one."
    (your choice, yes?)
    upload images to green, yellow, blue, etc. to those draftp osts. Then you could publish one post with different galleries easily. (the wp feature). That alone might be enough.

    but I me myself personally would also use the pagination I showed you. A featured picture would then link to a page about that group of photos.

    Lots of details to your readers if they want, but simple for folk with less detailed interest who will still like to read your blog by looking at a few pictures you choose as your very best. Plus description…

  14. Sorry, real life is calling, so If you need more info which i could do, it will have to be 2morrO…

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