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Would you ever find and skype an online therapist?

  1. Many people find love online. At first it seemed odd and now it is commonplace. Then education online was unusual and now many people get degrees online.

    Since you are very comfortable with the internet, I'd love to know whether, if needed, you would ever look for an online therapist?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes I've tried it before, but decided against it. All the sites I saw were pretty expensive

  3. The rates I've seen are pretty much identical to the rates for in-person therapy. Same with coaching.

  4. Online therapy would only seem appealing to me if it was cheaper. At first I was thinking that it would be better to have to go out and see the therapist in their office. But now I'm wondering if doing it online from a person's home would allow a comforting atmosphere that would bring about more honesty and introspection from the patient? Although I imagine doing it from home would allow for more distractions. I wonder how many people would be checking their facebook in the middle of a session.

  5. I used to know someone who really needs it! :-)

  6. No, I would not.

  7. I'd prefer to talk to someone in person. The only way I could see myself having a therapy session over skype is if I was physically unable to leave the house.

  8. shannondotjpeg

    Haha, it does seem convenient doesn't it? Zero human contact.
    I guess, it's bad because you'd never actually go out and you'd get used to hiding in the shadows in your house, but this way might be better for people who are awkward talking in front of others.

    I know, I find it really hard to speak to people in person. My therapist is lucky to get any information from me, so an online therapist doesn't seem like such a horrible idea.

  9. jasminedesiree

    I don't think I would. Though convenient, I would still think I am just talking to my computer, so I would rather either find someone to vent to or talk to myself than pay a therapist who could be watching something else while we talk.

  10. Times are a changing, People admit they even use these services? I dont believe this used to be the case. So for some of my peeps stuck, in the stone age! If it helps go for it.

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