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would you like to take this test, i did.

  1. i took this test to-night and i was only one point under the avg; for my age ( 66 ) so i'm happy enough with that.
    Why don't you take it see how you do with it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Come on people go an take the test and let's know how you got on.

  3. It may have put my mind at rest with regards to Alzheimer's but the "you won't finish it all as the tests have been engineered so that no one can" part was stressful. I may be cross-eyed now.

    80, which apparently is well into the green range for my age. Yay! Safe for another year.

  4. 68, which was good. It was a surprisingly stressful test. That stupid oil tanker looked like a yacht to me and it's a darn good thing it was a tennis ball and not a rugby ball because I wouldn't know what the heck it was. A deformed football? :-)

  5. Very good score's crashcourseinself and momfog, i only got 48 ( or was it 58 ) i can't remember, do you think i should get treatment or carry on blogging :)

  6. I would love you to put your score's into a comment please in the blog, Harry

  7. there you are momfog

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  8. thanks for posting the link. very happy with my score :) I'll have to send the link to friends and family. u r great dribblingpensioner

  9. harrythehandyman

    @lafemmeroar, you know how to pick the good one's :)

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