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Would you pay to have Google Analytics on

  1. jonathonbalogh

    Would you be willing to pay for a simple, full featured and hack-free solution to running Google Analytics on Assume the solution would also allow you to instrument your blog any way you want: add events, virtual pageviews, custom variables, etc. I've created a poll about this issue. Please vote! You can also view the current results.

    edit by Tess:
    Link to a poll removed. These forums are for technical support, not polls and blog promotion.

  2. Support has already indicated we can't already run Analytics on, so how would paying for it make it possible?

    Can I use Google Analytics?
    No, Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.

  3. We aren't allowed to post blog promotions on these support forums.

  4. Agreed, tt.

    @jonathonbalogh-If you want to promote your poll, please post it on your blog rather than in the forums. Thanks.

  5. The solution already exists: it is called paying to have a blog. It gives all the abilities you're requesting above.

  6. jonathonbalogh

    Hey guys, thanks so much for your responses. I noticed that this topic has been tagged as "blog promotion thread", "spammer", etc. I reviewed the forum guidelines as well as similar posts with these tags and I'm confused why you've reacted this way.

    I think we can all agree that Google Analytics is a common topic on these forums. I would be willing to pay for a solution to this issue. The poll asks if there are others who feel the same way. I could have started a thread like this: "Please support Google Analytics! I'll pay!". As you know, there are lots of these threads. We would then see others comment, add their "+1" to the thread and it wouldn't be marked as spam. Instead I thought it made more sense to do this as a poll where we could somewhat accurately gauge how much this matters to the community of bloggers.

    Important points:
    1) this poll does not point to my blog - though I honestly didn't realize it would be such a big deal if it did
    2) doesn't provide their own Google Analytics solution but as I mention in my blog, you can run Google Analytics on a blog
    3) my blog does not offer a "simple, full featured and hack-free solution to running Google Analytics on" - though it would be awfully nice if it did

    I kindly ask that you remove the inappropriate tags from this post.

  7. You are promoting your poll because you think you have a snowflake's chance in hell of getting Google Analytics when you don't. Google allows only one version of their script to run on our blogs and it's in use by There's no way that we individual bloggers will be allowed to run individual scripts on our blogs.

  8. I have not now marked you as a spammer, but promoting your blog on this technical forum is not appropriate.

    Please read this from the top of these forums:

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