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Would you rather

  1. christiangrblr

    this is fun ask a would you rather type question to the next person

    wyr: be blind or death?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. christiangrblr

    spelling error o_O doh!

  3. hihi
    i wud rather be dead

    wyr: have lots of great casual sex or find ur soulmate?

  4. christiangrblr

    soul mate for sure

    would you rather date a hot girl who has a horrible personality or a ugly girl with a great personality

  5. personality's more impo than looks!

    WYR: 1) win a million dollars and be unhappy
    2) be happy, getting paid minimum wage

  6. christiangrblr

    id rather be happy than rich!

    WYR: go back to school or continue working

  7. continue working! at least I get paid for that!

  8. WYR have one great friend date with someone you really like...but is already spoken for


    one so-so date with someone who's single?

  9. darkdaughter11

    great friend date.

    WYR be subjected to a Twilight movie,


    stab yourself in the eye with a hot french fry?

  10. Eye. Hot French fry. Stabbing in the aforementioned.

    WYR have a script optioned with KStew as the lead


    Work in MaccyD's for eternity

  11. christiangrblr

    MaccyD's doesn't sound that bad right now

    WYR Burn to death



  12. script w/ KStew. Srry i hav a life, and working as a cashier is not one of my interests.

    WYR: Watch a painfully BAD chick flick every day for a year.


    Marry a monkey. (ik it's random)

  13. I'd totally marry a monkey if it meant Cameron Diaz would spontaneously cease to exist.

    WYR be dissed by Johnny Depp


    kissed by a cast member of The Hills

  14. dissed by Johnny Depp. Anything from...ugh the Hills. Do u want the Hills to end as badly as i do?

    WYR: dance the chicken dance in front of everyone at prom


    wear the same outfit for the rest f your life

  15. chicken dance. id rather get therapy than wear the same thing over and over.

    WYR watch all three Twiligh movies


    watch every single Stephen king movie ever made, back to back without anything but bathroom/food breaks?

  16. Twilight Movies.

    WYR: walk the red carpet wearing the ugliest outfit ever seen, and be mocked for the rest of eternity.


    go a week w/o deoterent.

    (make a quick decision, tick tock, tick tock.)

  17. Walk the red carpet in ugly outfit for sure. Better than stinking. And besides, beauty is in the yes of the beholder, or something like that.

    WYR: walk 10 miles to a store and find out it's closed


    go to a beach where the lifeguard is a hippopotamus. <---- VERY dangerous

  18. walk 10 miles 2 a store and find out that it's closed. It's better than suffereing from a hippopotomus attack.

    WYR: Get beat up by Barney the dinosar


    hav Cookie monster spit all of his cookies in ur face for the past 5 hours.

  19. Beat up by Barney. He's a wimp. And anti-violence, so how tough could it be?

    WYR: Wake up a 4:30 to go on a date


    Have a car that gave you complete grief even though it's super cool and only three weeks old.

  20. that rlly depends. if it's a porcht, it's soooo worth it! But if it's a crummy car than hello early morn'n!

    WYR: Eat lots of great yummy food, but end up super fat.


    only eat soy 4 the rest of ur life, but ur in shape.

  21. hhhmm i would have to say yummy foods , i would die from starvation on soy i like variety and flavor plus i have hypothyroidism and have read that soy can mess with the thyroid so that would probably kill me too


    live alone for the rest of your life (I'm talking no human interaction for many many years)
    or live with only one person that you can not stand being around for the rest of your life (remember it is a long time)

  22. Live with the person i can't stand. Maybe we will see eye to eye one day.

    WYR: love sumbody sooooo much, but it can only last 4 a short while.


    not love another person as much, but it lasts.

  23. I'd rather my love to last.

    WYR: Live in a pineapple under the sea


    Be a dog sitter - who gets sit on by dogs.

  24. Live in a pinapple under the sea! I could meet Sponge Bob. And I love dogs, but not in that way.

    WYR: Go to school in your pj's for the rest of the week


    Pour 5 gallons of pudding in your hair.

  25. hhhmm pour pudding into my hair i am sure it could make a good treatment there are sure to be nourishing ingredients in there

    WYR have one really great friend only or have a bunch of friends that are just social friends (you go out together but you aren't close )

  26. One really great friend (fortunately I have more than 1 really great friend)

    WYR to kill your friend to save thousands of people
    Let your friend live and don't give a damn about the life of those thousands of people

  27. how about a wwjd on this one! I would sacrifice myself! duh

    wyr live as a tv character for a day or as your favorite storybook character.

  28. theintentionalsage

    Tough question... Given that there have been plenty of wonderful TV characters and even more storybook characters... hmm. I think that I.... wow.
    I suppose it would depend on which of the characters I am debating between. There's Superman, Batman, Spiderman (and a plethora of superheros for TV) and then there are characters like Harry Potter for books.

    I think... just for the sake of making a choice, I would have to go with TV character.


    Would you rather have the knowledge that every word you ever say is serving to co-create the future or not have that knowledge? (In short, would you rather know that you're an infinite and immortal co-creator of the universe or live in ignorance?)

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  29. darkdaughter11

    ignorance is bliss.

    would you rather die for someone


    live for the sake of someone who needs you?

  30. If the net benefit is roughly the same then I choose death.

    shoot the last breeding pair of a rare species of bird or a human being?

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