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Would You Rather

  1. Briefs.

    Spend the rest of your life with terribly short-term memory, that is from now on you will have really bad memory, or the ability to remember everything in perfect detail (including the things you'd rather not remember)?

  2. Remember everything in perfect detail.

    You're unable to conceive. Surrogate or adopt?

  3. Adopt

    Whack a finger with hammer or get cut by a knife?

  4. halfblotprincess

    get cut by a knife.

    confess your feelings to the person you love or just keep 'em to yourself?

  5. Confess for sure.

    Play electric guitar or play acoustic?

  6. Acoustic

    Friends of Seinfeld?

  7. Friends!!

    Lick the windshield of an 18wheeler or chew on a piece of tinfoil you found on the ground?

  8. Lick the windshield.

    Eat salty foods all your life or sweets?

  9. Sweets-there's a good variety..and doesn't fruit count as sweet? ;)

    Would you rather spend the night with a creepy vampire or escape a city filled with zombies?

  10. Hm... I am creeped out by dead people who eat other peoples brains. So I think I'd spend the night with the creepy vampire. At least I can have a meaningful conversation before I get eaten.

    if you could choose where to wake up one morning with only the clothes you wore when you went to bed, would you rather like to wake up on a deserted island or somewhere in a huge city? (remember you have nothing no matter where you wake up)

  11. megumiwasframed

    Huge city. I think I could work with the people that way.

    Would you rather have a pet dog with an afro or a pet slime?

  12. pet dog with an afro

    would you rather be forced to either eat only mustard for a day or mayonaise?

  13. Mustard

    Would you rather know when you are going to die or how you are going to die?

  14. I'd rather know when

    Would you rather live in NY or live in London?

  15. ocdbloggergirl

    NY I guess, though London would be hecka cool.

    Would you rather drown or be crushed by a falling piano?

  16. Crushed by a piano.

    Would you rather have a freakishly large head or no nose?

  17. A freakishly large head.
    Would you rather be with the one you love
    or with the one who loves you?

  18. thequietvoice18

    That's a hard one... I guess I'll say be with the one that loves me, because I wouldn't want the one I love to be stuck with someone they couldn't love back.

    Would you rather always lose or never play?

  19. Always lose!

    Would you rather spend a day in Europe in the late 1340s (black death/plague 'season') or a day where you are now with the absolute knowledge that you'll be dead when the sun goes down?

  20. thequietvoice18

    A day in Europe in the late 1340s.

    Would you rather publish a poorly-written book but have it make a ton of money, or publish what most would call a great work but have it ignored and unrecognized?

  21. publish what most would call a great work but have it ignored and unrecognized
    Id feel better about myself in the end and not like a sell out. XD

    would you rather be immortal alone or turn 1 other person immortal to keep you company?

  22. one other to be immortal with me.
    Die in 5 years or live forever

  23. Oh my. Can I split the difference?

    Learn to play banjo or learn to ballroom dance?

  24. thequietvoice18

    Ballroom dance.

    Deerkpark or Aquafina bottled water?

  25. Aquafina of course >wink

    If in an unfortunate accurence and you had a choice to loss either your sight , or your hearing ,Which would it be?

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