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Would you rather fall in love or have one of your dreams come true?

  1. ahundredthingstodo

    I'm so torn on this topic! Please help decide :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. what happens if one of your dreams is to fall in love? :)

  3. Who says the two are mutually exclusive? I have both.

    If you young and fixated on "falling in love" is what usually happens is you become infatuated with someone and fall into lust with them but you call it "love" because you don't know any better. When the lust wears off, you part. Hopefully, that's before you start having kids because 6/10 marriages fail and that's not counting the "live together" stats.

    My best friend and I had mutual respect, trust, equality, ethics, morals and affection. We communicated extremely well and shared similar hopes, aspirations and dreams. We became physically attracted to each other and after the lust-in (we lived together for a year) we decided to marry. Then we went ahead and worked hard to realize our mutual dream. We are living it now.

    So IMO the two are not mutually exclusive.

  4. Being in love without fulfulling a dream would suck...
    Fulfulling a dream but not falling in love would suck...

    yup I've realised I cannot help you in this dilemma :P

  5. I'd honestly rather have my dream of paying for medical school come true rather than fall in love :P

  6. I have had both come true my dream is graduating high school and falling in love i am in love with a wonderfull lady and i plan to marry her some day.

  7. I think this is a question for the young - while they have time to postpone either or both options.

    Like ninja above - NOW she wants med school and a very reasonable desire at this point in her life.

    But living a loveless life would be a terrible thing.

  8. Then again my mum would always say: "Live your dream before you fall in love"

  9. @noirciplume - how I would love to see the look on your mother's face with this pearl of wisdom, she sounds a hoot!

  10. @team I agree. If the question were to read, "Would you rather fall in love or have one of your dreams FROM HIGH SCHOOL come true?" the answer would be simple.

    Regardless of how super cool it would be to backpack across Europe with only my wits to sustain me, falling in love is the more practical choice.

    Timethief is right, as usual. The two aren't mutually exclusive. If I'd gone backpacking across Europe, I might have met my true love in my travels.

    As it is, I met my true love anyway and my idea of a dream come true has way surpassed the "take a hike" variety.

  11. ahundredthingstodo

    Wow, all of these opinions are overwhelming! Its basically 50:50 between love and dreams! I guess I just continue to ponder the subject for the rest of my life.

  12. I would only want to fall in love if it lasted.If I was just going to fall in love only to have it a broken relationship then I would go with the dream come true...but then again what if your dream is to fall in love.:)


  13. Falling in Love if it's real.
    Dream if the Love isn't real.

  14. Well, I am in love, and even sharing half a dream together is better than a whole dream on your own with out love so my answer to this question is obvious.

  15. Why not is to live,love is to give! ;)

  16. I don't want to fall in love, actually. I mean, if I do love someone/am in love with someone, it's nice, but I don't want to love/fall for someone I don't yet know. I don't really want the love itself but the person who I love.
    At least I hope so, I guess.

  17. Have to agree with @team and @momfog here. It is a high school/juvie thing to ask for your dreams to come true and want no love. Unfortunately, I haven't graduated from that stage myself. I'll put dreams over love

  18. How about both at once? :))

    I got both!!!

  19. You are graduating in 2014. That means you’re… 14? I like your bucket list. You went for “fall in love” (#28). Does that mean that the other 99 won over the dream? My answer is to consider taking out one of the harmful ones and putting in your dream.

    #3: You’d be dead

    #15: I hope I'm misunderstanding. That's called animal cruelty. When you volunteer at the animal shelter (#48), talk to the director there. They are funded by the county and they take in turkeys. They also prosecute for animal cruelty. This is a really cruel thing to do.

    #34: I love this one

    #37: It's not your fault. You weren't taught. But... You just helped to kill that tree. I know you didn’t mean to. When a tree’s bark is exposed, it starts to get an illness. It has a bark for the same reason you have skin. Ask your science teacher or look it up on the Internet.

    #38: I could use one of these right about now.

    #56: We don’t want to hear about you in the newspaper.

    #67: Very funny. When you figure it out, let us know.

    #78: You’re getting me on the animals and the wildlife. Please take this kindly… If you find a local, organic farmer, know that the cow is being kept pregnant its entire life b/c otherwise it can’t lactate (give milk). After the cow can’t give one more drop, it becomes a financial loss to the farmer so he kills the cow. All hamburger meat comes from dairy cows. Saying this so you know -it’s fun for you; it’s not fun for the cow.

    #79: Don’t know what I’d do to my kid if she did this. Is strangulation legal?

    #87: Awesome

    #96: I can think of things to catch that don’t harm nature… a feather… a leaf in the Fall… a bubble… a boy…

    HAVE FUN :-)

  20. ahundredthingstodo

    Im 15 and
    #15 the term bowl a turkey means: bowl three strikes in a row (lol) not animal cruelty.
    Love the comments you have on the list items!

    As for everyone else.. keep it rolling I want to here more!

  21. whew... Thank you for that. What is the dream?

  22. My dream has alway been to start a family. So I would choose falling in love as I would find it would help me reach my dream

  23. plasticdaffodils

    Well, luckily, you don't have to choose between the two. "Would you rather..." questions are interesting, but in real life you can do and pursue as many things as you want to.

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