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Would you rather have "Likes" or Comments?

  1. I like both, but comments are cool because they let you know what people like about your posts. However, I usually "like" posts because I cant think of clever comments. Hehe

  2. I not going to day no to either but comments are nice because you can interact and form relationships with other bloggers :)

  3. Comments. It gives the sense that someone really read my writing.

    I push that like button when I have commented on the post.

  4. I am emotionally insecure and needy with abandonment issues. I would settle for a slap upside the head or a puddle spit on the screen. :) Anything that would register a whisper on the cosmic richter scale.

    Really, you have to know him!

  5. *puddle of spit!

  6. plasticdaffodils

    Both are good. I'm a lurker on a lot of blogs I follow, so having a "like" button is a nice way to let people know I'm there and I liked their post without having to come up with a comment. However, commenting is good too because it gives a public link back to your blog. I like receiving "likes" and comments on my blog, but I like subscribers even more. :)

  7. I believe in word conservation. If I arrive at a blog where the existing comments already say what I would have said, then I press the Like Button. The Like Button tells the blogger that I stopped by, and I liked what I read. On some blogs, that is all that is really necessary because I have nothing more to add...

    On my blog, I'm just as happy with 20 'Likes' as 20 comments that say 'Nice Photo.'

  8. It's starting to annoy me to get likes from folks who clearly have totally different interests, vibes than mine. Some of them, seem to want to promote their unrelated products/services. It just doesn't jive at all with any of my subject niche areas.

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