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Would you rather

  1. christiangrblr

    Sorry people have to take a human. Only if I can choose who that person is.

    WYR never have access to the internet again or never have the ability to leave your house again?

  2. this gives me a panic attack for both i'm overly internet i guess....idk how i'd manage

    wyr marry an illegal citizen or be an illegal citizen?

  3. luridtalesofdoom

    be an illegal citizen, because it would put me in that rare group of people who have found their country through choice rather than accident of birth - actually I'm not sure if you can really be an illegal alien in my country's law, might be a bit like being a 'fake asylum seeker' which doesn't exist here outside of the gutter press.

    on that note;

    Would you rather be imprisoned in your country for what you believe Or say whatever you want living in exile?

  4. Exile please, I cannot stand being restrained for what I believe in
    would you rather work night shifts or day shifts?

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