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Woundering about Feedback /support

  1. Don´t know how it works and can´t find any answer.

    The feedback, support or what you call it, is opening tomorrow, well here it´s just midnight, maybe they already has opened.

    Now I woundering, is there anywhere you get answers when they resolve problems?

    I can guess that they will have a lot of problems and mails when they arrive.

    I also woundering if I have to report my problem with linebreaks

    and also if somone reported problems with trackbacks

    Those matters are importent for me.

    Don´t want to report if it´s already a issue

  2. Not sure about the trackback one but maybe you should answer teh questions posed to you in the first thread.

    If you send in a feedback, they will answer via email if needbe. If they answer here in teh forums, they will do so.

    If the issue is important to you, than I would send in a feedback just to make sure.


  3. Sorry drmike, didn´t realised it was question for me, I can´t se behind the codes, so I don´t know what to answer or maybe I don´t understand the question.

  4. Mark was asking you which theme you are seeing the issue on.

  5. haha, is that deliberately done or a freudian slip regarding the spelling of "wondering"? ;)

  6. sulz, you can make jokes about my spelling, try to write in swedish, then we can see how many wrong spelling word you do ;-)

    I know I spell bad, but atleast I try. It´s the only way to try to figure out how things work here, but a little tip, if you think it´s funny keep it to your self. I can take it, but others may be sad and stop asking.

  7. i didn't mean to make fun, i was laughing because i thought it was cute (in a pun intended/unintended sort of way).

    i see plenty of spelling mistakes in the forums, i'm not immune to them myself, i just thought your english is pretty good and was wondering if the misspelling is intentional or otherwise. it's complimentary in that sense, not otherwise... =)

  8. @respons
    sulz did not mean what she said to sound hurtful. I'll try to explain the meanings of the two words sulz refers to.
    wound can mean broken place or injury
    wonder can mean one of two things:
    (1) thinking and questioning ... what if this or what if that?
    (2) the joy on a child's face when opening a first present.

    Your title for this post is: Woundering about Feedback /support
    It should be: Wondering about Feedback /support

    So a blogger with a wounded (broken) blog would be wondering (questioning) where to find support. sulz made reference to this unintentional conveyance of correct meaning through the incorrect use of words.

    P.S. sulz also speaks more than one language. I wish I did *s*

  9. being multilingual doesnt make me any more articulate than the way you just explained what i meant! thanks timethief, couldn't put it better myself, hence one of my new year's resolution being be more articulate.


  10. Hey, with those lips you've got a head start. ;)

  11. I did´t get hurt and thanks a lot for the explain of diffrent words ( I sure will wrong spelling it again ;-) )

    I pointed it out beacause I´ve seen som many places where people get rude or hurted, we often don´t see the piont i other langugages joke and though we don´t understand every word we missunderstand. It´s much easier to talk than write :-D

    Maybe misspelling depends where You come from,like write as you talk ( how it sounds )
    But also for me, many words misspell though they are close to swedish for ex. see, we write se

    All this was of topic, but anyway No hard feelings I just wanted to explain.

  12. ok glad we cleared this up. =)

  13. Me too :)
    Neither Mark our Support Maven not drmike our Moderator would allow this forum to become a place where people are wounded with rude and vicious words. But more importantly, the vast majority of wordpress bloggers just don't think or act like that. There have been occasions where a troll shows up and is summarily shown to the door. They are extremely rare occasions. If you experience a troll on the forum you can add a "modlook" tag to the post and they will deal with the matter. :)

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