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Wow - sure wish I didn't register a domain with

  1. need to get into my account to renew expiring domain. No way to get in. Password resets won't work. No way to get in touch with anyone. What a terrible terrible experience.

    Use a real domain registrar (I normally use if you want to register a domain. Automatic doesn't do the Domain Name thing well (BTW - I'm a big WordPress fan since 1.5, although self hosted).

    Might have to let it expire so I can get it onto a real Domain Name registrar.

    Even this form is a pain in the A$$. Automatic you can do better.
    Blog url:

  2. You really don't want to let your custom domain expire. It can be a free-for-all trying to get it back.

    Password resets won't work.

    Did you check your email spam folder to see if the reset email went there?
    Did you try clicking on the "More help" link at the bottom of the password reset page?

  3. Hi there - I'm sorry you're having trouble renewing your domain. There doesn't appear to be a domain connected to

    If you let me know which domain you're trying to renew I'll be glad to help.

  4. @kathrynwp

    Even this form is a pain in the A$$.

    Makes me think he filled out the "Contact Support" form rather than posting in the forums. Too bad there isn't a checkbox to "subscribe by email to Community forum post" or some such on the form so at least the OP will get an email response. He may not know to check the forums.

  5. justjennifer - good point. I just sent the OP an email to cover all bases.

  6. kathrynwp - thanks - I would if there was someway of getting in touch with you or emailing you or something. When I click on your name it just goes

    You guys really make this all much harder than it should be.

  7. peibound - I sent you an email earlier today, did you not receive it? Feel free to email us at support AT referencing this forum thread, and we'll try our best to help.

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