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WP 2.5 Dashboard Stats Widget Eternally "Loading,,,:

  1. On my blog's main dashboard (at least I think that's what I should be calling it since it says "Dashboard" three times on it), the "Stats" widget has a graph on the left. However, on the right it says "Loading...", yet nothing ever loads in that space. A "preview" screenshot of the 2.5 dashboard looks to have a list of "Top Posts" in that space.

    I have cleared my cache, refreshed, reloaded, restarted Firefox, restarted my winXP PC, and still nothing has appeared in that spot. What is supposed to be loading there?

    Any similar experiences or suggestions?

  2. I've noticed that too on my dashboard. I expect they will look at it.

  3. Yup I got the same problem, it's "Loading" for eternity, but I am sure it's a little bug and it's fixable (or we probably doing something that we shouldnt be)

  4. The blog stats page loads fine at least.

  5. Yeah for me the blog stats page has no problems! I'll wait out a few days before I should expect to see that little box next to the stats in the main dashboard.

  6. You guys are lucky; I can't even see my Dashboard.

    Once the Stats Widget starts loading, the entire Dashboard refreshes itself into a broken-up page with some text links.

    The only way I can go manage my posts is addiing "/edit.php" to my blog's url, which brings me straight into "Manage" page.

  7. This should be fixed now!

  8. Yes, i have the same problem too. But yipeee it was fixed! Thanks!

  9. Omg it is fixed!!

    Thank you very much for the very very quick service!! I was thinking 'ah yeah, theyll get it working in a week or so!' haha..

  10. Ah, yes, I see that the space now contains Top Posts, Top Searches, and Most Active. Cool. Thanks.

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