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  1. Mine is solved by now, so you can ignore my request

  2. i'm also having the same problem. when will this be fixed please??

  3. Same issue for me as well.


  4. I am having the same problem. Can you please fix this issue or inform me how to resolve the problem ASAP please?

  5. I am having the same redirect loop problem, for / please can I have help!

  6. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking into why this is continuing to pose issues for some users, and should have an update shortly.

  7. Hello, I'm unfortunately having the same problem. Some help would be greatly appreciated :)

    Thank you very much in advance!

  8. Hi everyone,

    It appears we are still engaged in user testing, so if you run into this issue, please first try clearing your browser cache:

    If that doesn't help, please post here and we will contact you privately with a link you can reset your account.

  9. Same issue with mine.

    Please can you end any user testing on my account.. so I can function normally?

    Thank you.

  10. Hi, I am having the same issues with mine. I have made sure I am logged in, and cleared my cache multiple times with no luck.

  11. Hi mcbrayerer and judithodili,

    I have sent you an email.

  12. Hi,

    Yes, I received it and it seems to have fixed the problem! Thank you.

  13. Hi jackiedana
    I emptied the cash, cleared the cookies, and forced a reload. Unfortunately it did not fix the problem. Help please.

  14. Hi, I can't access my dashboard. Email is [email redacted]. Thanks!

  15. Hello: i work in a school and the first task i do for the students is to open a blog in WordPress. Half of the students didnt have any issue concerning the WP-ADMIN/dasboard situation, but other half (around 20) are having this loop mentioned earlier, where they dont have access to their dashboards so they cant do the tasks i give them.

    Those blogs were all open during last week.

    Besides this particular situation, all the blogs i have (which are around at least 2/3 years old) are having the same behaviour. e.i, cant access/no dashboard nor wp-admin working for my blogs as well).

    After lot of reading, i cleaned all cache/cookis, tried the "Firefox" trick (it worked only once, then back to the same situation as under Chrome), so im kind of desperate here.

    Please help me, as i really need to have not only my blogs again, but my students. I have to re schedule all classes because of this issue, and is a complete mess, believe me.

    If you need some kind of information from me, dont hesitate to ask me. I will gladly provide you any info you may need to resolve this issue.

    Kind Regards

  16. Hi jackiedana,
    Ive tried clearing my cache and cookies several times and /wp-admin still redirects me to my blog. Please help me too! :)

  17. @curtisrooks and ashleao, you should have both received an email from me with instructions on how to access your Dashboard, sent to the email address you have listed with Please check for that and let me know if you did not receive it.

    @katkearnan, I have sent you an email as well.

    @gavilan, your issue is a bit more complicated. I'm going to contact you via email as well.

  18. @jackiedana, could you please let me know if my wife's account is part of this test? I've been trying to fix her site all day! it is

  19. Hi, I can't access my dashboard.

  20. @davidcec, your wife's site at is not hosted at and therefore would not be affected by this, nor would I be able to assist you with the issues she's having, because we do not have access to sites hosted by other providers.

    @petada2 I have sent you an email.

  21. I can't access my dashboard except using this link: , and when I get there, clicking on almost any of the options takes me right back to the minimal edit page.
    Please send the magic email that fixes this issue.

  22. @morgangarris I have sent you an email.

  23. Jackiedana We have a school with blogs being made on and we get that interface instead of the dashboard. PLEASE help us!

  24. Sorry, I posted under the student account for the previous post. Please contact me with this information. The interface is very troublesome and causing us problems. We are right now in the process of creating blogs so if you can give me some instructions on how to turn it off for each user the seems to "win the lottery" that would be the best thing ever.

    Thank you!

  25. alejandrauribe

    Hello, I'm having this problem since I created my WordPress account, one week ago.

  26. i am having the same problem

    plz help my activate my admin dashboard

    details and screen shots in this topic

  27. glitteringmoonlight

    I'm also having the same problem.
    Can I also get an email?

  28. Hi, I cant access my dashboard. Could you please send me an email?

  29. Hi I am having the same issue. Created account yesterday. Found dashboard only by changing 'theme' but couldnt access any settings pages kept taking me to a random other page

  30. readingsbycaroline

    Hi, I've been helping a friend/colleague set up a new blog and she was having this problem ( After trying desperately to talk her through adding me as admin on her account to no avail (as she has no dashboard) she gave me her details to log in. When I couldn't find it, I relogged into my account ([email redacted]) to see if I could make sense of it and now my account is having this issue. I depend greatly on my dashboard for all my blogs and would like this fixed ASAP.

    Thank you.

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