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  1. kathleenebailey

    Hi I am having the same problem. I have emptied the cache, cookies, tried three browsers 2 computers, 2 ipads and my phone! I am about in tears. I have an awesome comment I want to approve, edit links and add apps and widgets. Can you help me? Thanks!

  2. Hi, I am having the same problem. My blog is

    Another of my authors also got this, which was very confusing as I taught her on my account this morning with the dashboard looking the old way, then she signed up and couldn't access the black dashboard! Now I also am just getting the blue dashboard.

    Her username is mthakur2013

  3. Same problem here, please help!

  4. kathleenebailey


  5. johannasawyer01

    I need help too! thanks.

  6. Hi everyone,

    I have sent you all emails.

    johannasawyer01, I have sent you two emails. If you haven't received either one, please check the email address you have listed at You may also post an alternate email address here (if it's properly formatted, the forums software will hide it from public view so only staff can see it) and I can contact you that way.

  7. Help! Joanne

  8. Having the same problem with my blogs. Yesterday all blogs old and new, today just the new.

  9. courageindoorsports and svalbardstipendet2013, I have sent you both emails.

  10. I must be missing something. I went to the link but what do I do there? I don't see anything related to the problem. Sorry!

  11. johannasawyer01

    I can't get into as admin or ever see dashboard. Why is this so hard? I need to get started on my website but can't alter it until I fix this problem. All I get is the blue page. Please help, thanks.

  12. @courageindoorsports, if you clicked on the link I sent you, that should clear out the test and you should be able to access your Dashboard afterwards. If you are still unable to view your Dashboard, please try clearing your browser cache and see if that helps. If not, please let me know by replying to the email I sent.

    You can learn more about how to clear your cache here:

    @johannasawyer01, I apologize for the frustration you are experiencing. To remove the test view from your site, you will need to click on a link that have sent you via email. If you are not receiving the emails, I will need a different address to contact you.

  13. kathleenebailey

    Jackie!!! Wow! Now I know what was missing! Thanks!!! Why don't y'all just send an automated email to everyone who joined since the tests started? Please, my dears? I couldn't find any help on it, I searched for 2 days, asking questions, followed all instructions at least 4 times for issues I just thought this was an extremely lame interface!;-) Thankfully, a sweet soul pointed me to this thread! OHTHANKGOD!!! I had to do a castor oil pack just to smooth out the frustration I experienced! Ha!! But that led me to DOING the castor oil pack in the first place for the first time and it was divine. Maybe I will start a castor oil pack spa 8-),so thanks for the inspiration! Hee hee! But really, help out your neighbors who may not have pleaded as loudly as I did to attract a kind stranger and shoot off a nice little email with the link to fix it. There, there all fixed and smoothed over! Thank you eversomuch! Love, Kathleen

    PS So excited to have my real dashboard with instructions!!!!! Yay!

    PPS While I have your eye balls, does the premium program have more accessible tech support? If it does, I am all over that!

  14. HI kathleenebailey,

    I'm so sorry for the frustration. Our developers wanted to test some things for new users, so the alternate view was intentional (and short-term). I'll share your comments with them, though, so they can understand how it impacted some of our users.

    The premium upgrade does allow you to access private support directly via links in your Dashboard, among other things, but if you need to ask a question off of the forums you can always contact us via email.

    If you have more questions, you are welcome to post new threads here on the forums or use the email above. You can also contact me via the email I sent you earlier.

  15. I tried everything you pointed out on another computer because I myself am not having the problem. Other administrators who have been successful in logging on are now unable to login using the password and user name. Does this help with you solving the our problem?

  16. Hi courageindoorsports,

    It sounds like your issue may be unrelated to the test. I've contacted you privately for more details.

  17. Hello,
    I am running into the same issues.
    My blog is not "new' so to speak (at least two months old+).

    It started showing the blue header with no wp-admin access today.

    Here are my links:

    I already cleared my cache etc.

  18. Also, this is quite frustrating.
    A quick email with a "heads-up" would have saved me (and a lot of others) the headache due to trying to get back to the dashboard.



  19. I'm experiencing the same issue, Please help!

  20. shorowitz0524 and museaics, I apologize for the inconvenience, and have sent you both an email.

  21. Same problem here.

  22. kathleenebailey

    Can anyone tell me how to unsubscribe from the forum threads?

  23. suckerpunchslides

    May I please receive this magic email too? I'm getting the same dashboard problems. Thanks!

  24. kathleenebailey,
    There is an "unsubscribe from this topic" link at the bottom of the email.

  25. Hi !
    Same problem with this new blog :
    Thanks for helping us.

  26. I have the same issue. I can't do anything without the dashboard!

    Please solve this. Thanks!

  27. Hi all,

    I've sent emails to everyone who has posted since my last comment here. Apologies for the delay.

  28. OMG THANK YOU! I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me :)

  29. Hi, i'm having the same problem, can't see the dashboard.

    Thanks for your help.

  30. Hi, Jackie
    I got your email, clicked on the link you wrote, but nothing happened ! By the way I emptied the cache of my navigator and restart my computer. And still no dashboard...
    What should I do ?
    Thanks for your help.

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