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  1. Hi @jackiedana same issue with me! Can't stand it!

  2. @jackiedana I never seemed to receive your email, for /wp-admin redirect, and have checked spam could you please resend?

  3. Me too @jackiedana could you please send?

  4. I have sent everyone emails to the addresses listed under your accounts. Please be sure to check your spam filters and your "social" tab if you're using Gmail.

  5. Hi @jackiedana , I followed the link you email you sent and /wp-admin still leads me to standard dashboard/doesnt allow me to use admin as a username

  6. Hi curtisrooks,

    The test should now be over, so you should be able to access your regular Dashboard without the link.

    Please try the following:

    - log out of
    - clear your browser cache ( )
    - log back in to and go to

    If that doesn't work for you now, let me know.

  7. For anyone who has been having difficulties with viewing their Dashboard: the test is over, and everything should be functioning normally. If you haven't checked your site in a couple of days, please do so now. If you still cannot access your Dashboard, or are having other issues, please post a new thread so we can take a look at things for you.

  8. The same issue regarding access to my admin bar has happened with my blog too (only the one that has its own bought domain name and premium theme, all other blogs are working perfectly fine?) and have followed all the advice to no avail. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

  9. I do not see any upgrades under the user account candyqueksan, so my guess is that you have a second username and the upgrades are attached to that account. If you are trying to access that account using your login credentials for candyqueksan, that would be the reason why you cannot access the Dashboard.

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