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WP Admin Errors

  1. I am trying to create multiple blogs and use them (tie) them back to a main blog and use the blog as pages. When I go to my dashboard, I can edit the first three BUT the last two give me a wp-admin error. Is there a limit ? Did I do something different (somehow) on blog 4 and 5 that I am not noticing ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciative.

  2. Sorry, are you talking about blogs hosted at wordpress.COM? Can we get your address starting with http://

  3. JustJennifer:

    Yes, I have tried to register 5 of them. The first three are up and running and I have changed the themes, widgets ... etc ....

    The other two are on my dashboard but when I click on them, I get the error. Or when I go into my global section and click on write a new post and click one of the last two - error ... the other 3 (first three) are fine.

  4. I did not leave the addy:

    The main one will be

    The Confirmation & Kids Care Club "tabs/pages" are the other two wordpress blogs that work fine.

  5. OK-now I see what you mean. FWIW-did you register for all 5 blogs at the same time? If so, my thought is that you might have been picked up as a spammer and this is a "failsafe" sort of measure. But that's just an educated guess; I'm just a volunteer here (who also has 5 blogs-all working).

    Contact Support

  6. Thanks Jennifer, that may be it, I did do them all today. I was wanting to do/have 5 for the main and 4 hubs.

    I can not get to them to even delete them though ( can I ) ?

    I will ask support before I do that part though.

  7. There's no specific limit, no spam flag and nothing wrong with your blogs that I can see. We'll need to know what the error message says in order to help.

  8. Oh dear, my apologies to Jeff for being overeager.

    Thanks tellyworth for straightening this out. Looks like links to all 5 blogs are showing up on the site in question, so hopefully this is resolved.

  9. I am not sure what was happening. But, when I tried this morning, I was able to bring them up and edit them. So, I am good to go.

    I want to thank both of you were your willingnes to check things out and answer the questions in such a quick manner. It is greatly appreciative.

    Jennifer, also thanks for dropping a comment on the blog to give me a heads up on the forum post. I have yet to add all my content to my profile.

    You guys Rock.

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