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    WordPress is used anywhere. Personal computers, mobile phones…
    WordPress already has a phone-specialized view when viewing blogs by phones. How about blog administration tools? Start with just basics: publish posts (allow HTML tags), administering comments, and simplified stats page might be already great enough. So people can blog even without access to computer!

    Sorry for bad English.



    Hi. What you are describing already exists, I believe:
    http://en.support.wordpress.com/apps/ (iPhone, Android, etc.)
    http://m.wordpress.com (mobile phones)



    Oh, I see. Sorry.
    But I think that’s not enough… Editing posts and administering comments might be a good addition.



    I did both from my phone when I was in Qatar. Posting was not easy, I could only seem to do it from the “QuickPress” bit on the main Dashboard, and editing posts was a disaster, as the display of the posting controls covered half the actual editing window.

    I also was able to approve comments and reply using my phone.

    I have a Nokia N97 and I do not have the specific WP app installed on the phone – although I believe there is one. Which may be why I had trouble with the Edit Post!



    And the graphs didn’t display, that was the other thing I remember – more my phone I think than anything else.


    Ummm, I don’t know about the other apps, but the app for iPhone allows you to administer comments and you can edit posts to your heart’s content.

    Some phones might not have enough memory to do stuff like that. Windows phone 7, Blackberry, and phones using Android should also although I am not familiar with those. Nokia? I have no idea.



    Though the app is very handy for administering comments, it would be cool to have the stats too.

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