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    When I log into my FREE admin panel, I don’t see the option on the left side to click ‘wp admin’ and I have no idea how or why it isn’t there. Don’t like this new view/layout of the word press.


    The blog I need help with is supplementuniversity.wordpress.com.


    This account you are posting from is less than a day old. Perhaps you’ve had WordPress.com sites in the past? The My Sites/Calypso dashboard is the default now for new sites and has been for the last year or two. Petty much everything you need to do can be done there. Saying that, the happiness engineers haven’t yet removed the original dashboard which can still be reached by adding /wp-admin to your address and bookmarking it in your browser.


    Yeah, and I haven’t had one personally.

    I’m currently using the free version “supplementuniversity.wordpress.com” but when I try to attach “/wp-admin” it says that the site doesn’t exist. I own the actual domain but can’t transfer it until 60 days unless I buy the upgrade, so those are my only options right ?



    supplementuniversity.com was registered today but it wasn’t registered here and it isn’t connected to the WordPress.com site connected to this account unless you purchase a paid plan and transfer or map it here.
    To upgrade a free WordPress.com plan: https://wordpress.com/plans

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