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    I would formally like to request this theme to be added:


    It is an amazing theme.. Simple and very functional… Unfortunally it does not support custom headers, but if that could be added it would be a given choice for my future blog here.

    I’m posting this here, and also sending as feedback form request and hoping for happiness. :)

    The theme is made by Andreas who also designed Andreas04 and Andreas09 themes that are added already. But 01 is the sweetest..

    Peace and love!



    I would suggest sending in a Feedback from your dashboard as this is how staff to put in requests.

    I like it as well. I have in on my own MU install as an available theme.



    drmike: Thanks, I posted it as feedback as well. So the theme works well with WordPress mu by default? Do you think it would be possible for WordPress.com crew to apply custom header code for it? it would rock for sure…. :)



    IIRC, it worked fine but I haven’t had much feedback myself on my theme installs over on my site. I don’t remember having any issue with it though.

    As to the header code, I’ve not seen the coding that they use for it but I doubt it would be hard to do.

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