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    I use WP-Andreas09 (on broodsphilosophy.wordpress.com), and tried to add <img> tags to the text widgets on the sides, but seems that because of the CSS one can’t do that in this theme ? All I got was just the alt text. Is it possible to fix this theme (if this is a bug), and also a question… WP-Andreas09 have two side-bars which I modified. If I change to one side-bar theme, would I loose the settings of the widgets I added ?
    (for now I added those pictures through links sections, where it seems to work ok)



    The author and porter of this theme are active in this forum. You may want to post your comment in this thread.







    It can’t be a function of the theme. I use it and have had no problems adding an image via the text widget.



    True marc, i visited your blog, and the picture is there.
    Probably I was doing something wrong, I will try again tommorow after I get some sleep :).



    yes, text widgets work fine for this

    also you can add pics on top of your link list (the blogroll) by adding a pic and leaving the name field empty. The pic will then appear at the top (not sure it works with every theme)


    Hi Marc,

    I visited your Asian Racing page: really admired it. I’m puzzling over a couple of things in wp-Andreas09. Hope you won’t mind setting me on the right path.

    1) wrapping text around images, or padding the image so text isn’t rightupagainst it.

    2) I spent time hunting solutions in the Codex wiki, and now am fearing that its contents are only useful for wordpress.ORG users who host their WP-designed sites on their own domains. Does all that material only apply to me if I download WP as a set of tools but host the site on my own?

    Grateful for yr reply.


    Sorry, all: I finally read the huge pink stickies at the top of the forum and now understand the issues.

    I think.



    1 – I remember something about Andreas09 having a div tag set up for text wrapping but I’m stuck on a terminal and can’t download it to look it up. Down the theme file and take a look at the readme file within it to see if there’s any mention of it.

    2 – It depends on the specific. Usually it’s a try it to see if it works method. :) (Actually it’s a post about it in the support forums without using the search fucntion first or even looking at previous threads method while making usre you use a lot of begging and question marks.)

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