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    The next version of the WP-Andreas09 theme (which Ainslie and I will work on over the next couple of weeks) will probably have the header/background image setting placed in a custom theme settings page in the admin. This will make it possible to place the url to an external image there, to allow users to select their own headers.

    Now, this upgrade is still a few weeks away so this is only an idea yet. And when the upgraded theme is released, it is not automatically added to wordpress.com. But do you find it to be a good feature? And would this feature be accepted here on wordpress.com?



    The ability to link external images is an extremely nice feature. It would cater to the long cherished ability to customize the blog design inorder to make it look unique in some way.



    The ability to link external images is an extremely nice feature.

    Agreed but please remember that you may be killing someone else’s bandwidth when you do something like that.



    And Flickr doesn’t allow you to do this.



    Flickr doesn’t allow you to do a lot of things. :)



    for those who have their own servers or some pbase account, that would be a wonderful feature. Maybe a simple link to an uploaded pic at wordpress here would get the go from the admins?
    Thanks for all your efforts Andreas. I’ve got a lot of highly positive feedback as to how much the blog has improved since we switched to your theme.


    Perhaps the wordpress.com version could have a feature for using only images hosted on the wordpress.com account for the custom header? Something like “Select header out of your uploaded images”?



    That would work. That’s what I’m doing for webcomic buttons here.

    Some sort of note would have to be included on how to do this though.

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