WP audio and Safari not communicating

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    I’m having trouble nailing down a problem. The WP audio players seem to be working great for 90% of all users, but for the rest, they just say “buffering” forever, and never get around to spilling out the music. The common thread among these users seems to be the Safari browser, and yet others with Safari seem to be able to get the tunes. I wish I could tell system specs for each user, but I’m afraid I don’t have that. I know that’s not much info, but I’m hoping someone might have had or heard of this or a similar issue and figured out how to resolve it, or where to look for the problem.
    I don’t have the space upgrade, so the mp3 files are in another site. If you need more info, I’ll do my best to get it.

    The blog I need help with is melodyninja.com.


    I can’t be sure, but the unusual thing in your case seems to be that the URLs you’ve used redirect to other, very long, URLs; maybe Safari cannot cope with that redirecting. I’ve used the audio player a lot in my primary blog, and I never had a problem with Safari. Try uploading one of these mp3s in Fileden, get the direct URL from there, and see if it’ll make a difference or not.



    That does seem to work, but the URL seems to be only slightly shorter. Oh well, if it works, I’m happy, whether it’s the URL or not. Thanks!

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