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    I have read all the Facebook Notes import/export posts on this forum, but have not spotted the remedy. For a long time, my WP blog posted automatically to my Facebook public page, but after April 12, it no longer does. I went in and re-did the “import a blog” function on FB, and everything updated all at once, but now the blog is a no-show again.

    FYI, here is the page where the blog is supposed to appear

    Thanks for any advice! Susan

    The blog I need help with is susanwiggs.wordpress.com.



    I heard from other Facebook folks that fan page imports stopped working yesterday. Which method are you using? Are you using Publicize?



    I’m having the same problem. I’m using the Publicize feature, which is supposed to publish blog posts directly to the FB Wall, but it’s been over 24 hours since I set up the feature and there is not a single post on my wall.


    I am having the same problem – it is extremely frustrating. Can WP support help us on this?



    I have FB Notes check my blog for updates. I don’t blog that I often, but I posted a new entry on May 5th and it never made it over to FB. I went into FB settings, told it stop getting my WP blog, then turned it on again and now my new post is there. Interestingly, when I told it to start getting my blog again, it only showed the latest entry.



    Many people are experiencing this problem due to the continual changes Facebook is making at their end of things. This morning I received an email from a subscriber who has found her only solution at this point in time is to use Networked Blogs.

    Have you tried using getsociallive bookmarks? http://getsociallive.com
    They can be used to automatically update both Twitter and Facebook.

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