WP blog not loading after domain name transfer

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    This refers to my blog http://www.bhavenjani.wordpress.com which doesn’t open after I transferred the link to my domain name to another website. Let me elaborate.

    I started with my blog on WP (www.bhavenjani.wordpress.com) and later registered my domain name, hence my site became http://www.bhavenjani.com. I tried using WP for as my travel blog and photography portfolio, however it wasn’t serving my purpose. Hence I set up my photography site on another service provider (www.bhavenjani.pixpasites.com). Wanting this to be my primary site, I redirected my domain name to point to this site. Hence, the URL http://www.bhavenjani.com now opens up my pixpasite website.

    But I’d still like to continue with my blog on WP as http://www.bhavenjani.wordpress.com, however on typing this URL, it automatically gets redirected to http://www.bhavenjani.com and opens up my photography site. Which means I have now lost access to my blog on WP completely.

    I’d like help on how to continue using my WP blog by typing the URL http://www.bhavenjani.wordpress.com and having my domain name point to http://www.bhavenjani.com on pixpasites.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is bhavenjani.com.


    I’m seeing your site just fine at bhavenjani.com. When you edit the nameservers on a domain it can take up to 72 hours for the propagation throughout all the nameserver caches on the internet although it typically takes less than 24 in most cases. How soon someone will see your new site under your domain name depends entirely on how often the visitor’s ISP updates their name server caches. Some do it continuously and often and others… not so much.

    The good news is that the propagation is under way. If you aren’t seeing it yet, just give it some time, and make sure and clear your browser cache before checking so that you aren’t getting served up cached pages from your browser cache.



    Thanks for the prompt response ‘thesacredpath’. I changed the name server on the WP domain a couple of weeks ago and it now correctly points to my new site. This is not my problem.

    The problem is that my original blog on the WP site is no more accessible. The blog, which was earlier accessed by typing http://www.bhavenjani.wordpress.com is no more accessible. It automatically redirects to me to my new site, which is not what I want. I want http://www.bhavenjani.com to point to my new site, and I want http://www.bhavenjani.wordpress.com to point to my existing blog. However, both these URLs take me to my new site only. My question is: How do I now access my 2 yr old blog with 40 posts and 1000s of page-views, and make it active again?



    How do I now access my 2 yr old blog

    ?? Smoke signals?

    More seriously – see if you can cancel the domain mapping yourself and set the Primary blog back to bhavenjani.wordpress.com

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades >> see if you can cancel the domain mapping

    Dashboard >> Store >> Domains >> set the Primary domain back to bhavenjani.wordpress.com

    I have also flagged this for the staff to help if the above can’t be done



    Thanks auxclass, I have reset my primary domain back to http://www.bhavenjani.wordpress.com. I am assuming it takes time for this change to be effective as it still leads to my new site.

    I am assuming that this change will let allow me to access my blog on WP through the URL http://www.bhavenjani.wordpress.com and allow me to go to my new site using the URL http://www.bhavenjani.com

    Meanwhile, I will wait for a WP staff to help on this.



    @auxclass, howdy!!!



    @bhavenjani – you be welcome – as soon as the domain mapping is canceled you will be able to visit bhavenjani.wordpress.com

    Morning Morning @TSP – have not seen much of you of recent – hope all is well – should be warmer over there than here

    Take care


    I’m on my way to bed @auxclass, but Austin can be toasty warm one day and cold the next. Today and this weekend is supposed to be colder and rainy. It rained all day, but not hard.

    It’s all yours, I’m shutting down for the evening.



    So you must have moved – hope the new place agrees with you

    I am headed for bed by also – need to get up early to teach boat crew classes – had a Museum research project ran way late today so a bit behind

    Take care – nice to see you back in the forum again



    I took a look and everything is working properly.

    http://bhavenjani.wordpress.com goes to your WordPress.com and http://bhavenjani.com to your self-hosted site.

    If you don’t see the change yet please try clearing out your cache.



    kardotim, and everyone, thanks for your support.
    Everything is now working fine. The URLs now point to the required sites. It took a day for the cancellation to be effective.

    This thread can now be closed:)



    Cheers !

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