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    I just changed themes to WP blogger and the search button does not work .
    How can I fix this problem?



    Hello @lemonde4,

    What is the name or URL of your website?

    Could you describe how the search button does not work?



    lemondedesylvie.com hello to you too!!!! so on my iPhone I click on one post and the link takes me to a different post.The first post Snapshots of Lyon ,When I click on that I’m linked to another post,the Road Home From Damascus .and so on virtually every post .but also this happens sometimes on my tablet,I just changed my theme to WP Blogger and I really like the way it looks!I didn’t have these issues with my previous theme .thank you for any help ! SYLVIE




    It’s a common mistake, but your support request is posted in the wrong forum. This forum supports websites hosted with WordPress.com. Your website is using WordPress.org, which allows for other hosting alternatives. DomainTools.com shows that your site is running on Bluehost.

    There are similar support forums for WordPress.org websites like yours. To learn more, start here:

    To post, you need a WordPress.org login. (And that login is different than your WordPress.com login.) You can create a WordPress.org login from this link:

    I could not reproduce the problem you describe while viewing your site from my mac laptop or with my iPhone. When I choose a link for a post from the front page, I always get the correct post. This suggests your problem might be local to your devices. If it were me, my next step would be to clear my browser cache.

    If you want to do this, here is a link with instructions from Apple:

    I think the WP Blogger theme is innocent <g>, but if you wish to investigate the problem further as a theme issue, I would suggest posting in the WP Blogger theme support forum:

    Good luck!

    optional reading
    If you are curious, here is a link that explains the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org:



    Hello thanks for your information I will try these things.
    Also my friend got the same errors looking at my blog
    from her Iphone. i think theres some bugs in this theme.
    Also some photos appear upside down.

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